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The Ecosia search engine – A must-have for Sustainability people

Internet search is one of the factors why the internet is so successful. Google has helped immensely to make the internet a success. All of us will use a search engine on a daily basis. I am a Google user myself and use Google search daily to find more great Sustainability related content next to my social media channels. The Ecosia search engine makes use of Bing search and, with a little add-on, enables you plant trees while you use your browser. Yes trees. Isn’t this great!

Ecosia – The search engine that plants trees

The Ecosia startup out of Berlin, Germany, plants trees while you search the web. They use the advertising revenue through this search traffic to plant trees. These trees are planted in designated destinations all organised as projects. Each project serves a unique purpose for this region of our planet.

Here are the facts what Ecosia has achieved since 2009 so far:

And Ecosia are not stopping there. As a result of planting its one-millionth tree, Ecosia announced its mission to plant 1 billlion trees by 2020. This means they have to grow exponentially until then. Whether they will achieve this goal is not so important to me personally. It more important that they have a mission and are pushing their cause as much as possible. That is what I call real commitment for a Sustainabilty cause.

Every Sustainability interested person should use the Ecosia search engine

In my view each person interested in Sustainability should use the Ecosia search engine. Why? Because there are no excuses why you should use Google from now on. With the Ecosia search engine plugin for Google Chrome or Firefox you personally are able to create added Sustainability value where they was none before. How great is that?

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