drowning in plastic screenshot from the BBC website

Documentary recommendation: Drowning in plastic

Today I wanted to recommend a documentary to those people living in the UK called “Drowning in plastic“.

Yes it is only viewable in the UK but this BBC page here has some clips of the documentary that will make your heart skip a beat when you see the devastation and horrible reality our plastic addiction has these days. In this case an example of Indonesia.

The message is crystal clear: If we are continuing the way we are with our plastics usage, we will risk all we have on this planet. Our wildlife, our homes, our families and our future. 

Is this plastic addiction really worth it? I do not think so and so does the presenter of this documentary.

There are ways to change and make sure we curb our plastics addiction. But it all starts with you as an individual. So why not change your plastics consumption today? 

Here are some links on how you can start to make a difference today:

Have a good rest of the week everyone!

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