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We all know Monsanto I believe. Monsanto does not have the best reputation in the Sustainability field. That is clear once you do a Google news search for Monsanto or search for Monsanto on Twitter. And that is a problem for Monsanto. Monsanto has also been a red rag to a lot of Sustainability professionals over the years. Their reputation as a tough company that seems to put market power and profits over everything has pretty much labelled them as an irresponsible company. But please make up your own mind. I wanted to ask you in today’s post whether you still believe Monsanto when they are communicating with you here via Social Media or whether you just can not be bothered anymore. Their YouTube channel and the collection of their corporate videos is a good starting point on what Sustainability message they are trying to bring across:

Monsanto on the Sustainable Development Goals

Their featured promo marketing video

Do you still believe Monsanto?

The question I asked myself watching these videos is whether I can still believe in their marketing messages. They surely are refined and well on point. But I am not sure whether I can still believe their messaging having worked in the Sustainability field for years and reading Sustainability news each day. Nevertheless I am willing to give each and every company a chance to convince me that they are acting or want to act more responsible. So for me Monsanto, as with every company that is willing to change to a more sustainable business approach, needs to change. Change to a more sustainable business practice. If the merger with Bayer will enable them to do just that will be an interested development to watch. But that is a topic for another post.

Do you believe their messaging? I would be interested in hearing your view on these communications. Do you see this as Greenwashing? Or are you willing to give them a chance to convince you that their efforts are what they are trying to portray here? After all the Sustainability and Business relationship is key to sustainable business in my view.

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