energy debate in Germany

Diesel car ban and the current energy debate in Germany

Germany is my current place of residence and my home. My country is being seen as one of the leading renewable energy changemakers around the globe. And this is partly true in my view (but this is a topic for another post). As it is in many countries, the change from current policies to new ones can come quickly. This is the case with the current energy debate in Germany about the ban of diesel cars in German cities. Here are some articles as a background information.

Ban of diesel cars a milestone for the current energy debate in Germany

Here are some articles on the diesel car ban:

So why is Germany doing this now? There are many reasons for this ban of diesel engines in German cities. Influences over the past years are the Volkswagen emissions scandal, worsening environmental figures for NOx and a general public opinion that German emissions from cars are way to high to what they should be.

This current situation has many aspects to it. It not only about diesel engines in cars but a larger need for a move to the a more flexible transportation. Here is a good article in Germany only unfortunately: “Verkehrswende „made in Germany“ – Wie Deutschland den Umstieg schafft“. The article and corresponding research paper outlines the approach Germany should take for the current change of the energy debate in Germany.

Persistence to make a sustainable future happen is essential

In my view this recent development is another example of how important it is for us as sustainability enthusiasts and professionals to keep working for a more sustainable future.

Creating change is hard and tiring work if you are really honest with yourself. But all of this effort is necessary to create the moments we are experiencing here with this energy debate in Germany this week. It has taken years and years for these bans to be a possibility. Now they are reality. Well done Germany. You made me especially proud this week.

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