Did we evolve to be more sustainable?

This is a fascinating TED talk about us, the ever evolving human species.

This talk in my view is also an interesting topic when you think about the emergence of the Sustainability idea. In a way we had to develop further as a human species to become more self-aware, develop a respect of our planet and our use of it’s limited resources. This is the positive view of this possible evolution of course. The negative view would to state that 90% of all people on this globe have not developed further of course since we as a species still look into a very uncertain environmental future.

But whatever way you want to argue, I am personally 100% convinced that we DID evolve over the past few hundred years towards a more sustainable mindset as a human species. And this TED talk is a great example of how much we as a human species can do to make the world a better place. Even it is only is a bit of self reflection.

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