A new challenge: CSR / Sustainability as a hobby

I have worked in the CSR / Sustainability sector for nearly 10 years now and must say that I had a great time so far. But when I talked to a CSR colleague here in Germany this week and I talked about my current work I realized that CSR / Sustainability these days for me is more like a hobby than a job. Why? Well if you are regular reader of this blog you might remember that I took over the family business PMM Services here in Germany a little then over a year ago.

The past year has been really good and I was so busy with the new challenge, family, my two dogs and two websites that there was hardly any time to keep developing my consulting business next to the family business. And for me, business without the proper business development approach and full time commitment is a hobby and not a business. This is what the past years as a businessman have taught me. Either you do something 120% or you do it as a hobby with all the consequences.

My CSR / Sustainability hobby: Blogging and TheEnvironmentSite.org 

Don’t get me wrong. I believe that this development comes at the exact right time for me and that this is actually a great chance for me to focus on my personal CSR / Sustainability communication channels. And these clearly are my two websites, FabianPattberg.com (this blog) and TheEnvironmentSite.org (my online discussion forum and blog on Sustainability and Environmental topics). The difference now is that these two sites are a hobby of mine not part of my business anymore.

I really like this new development and I am sure I will work in the CSR / Sustainability business again but not for the next years. I am now in the middle of another 5-10 year block of a new challenge in life and I am keen to imbed CSR / Sustainability topics in my new business as much as possible with the help of my two websites and my network.

Thank you for being a part of this future and please connect so that we can exchange CSR / Sustainability views and information!

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  1. Hi Fabian, good to see you always remaining so positive and that you are not straying too far from the world of CSR. You have always made such a valuable contribution. I am sure you will continue to do so, even if the circumstances have changed.  In the meantime , however, I was wondering when we can expect PMM Services' first Sustainability Report ?  🙂

    1. Thanks for the kind words Elaine and your comment. Yes I am working on a kind of a CSR report for the business. It will be a start of a long journey. Do you know any good resources for reporting from small organisations? I know some but probably not the most up to date resources. Thanks!

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