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I am well on my way to blog on a regular basis about Sustainability topics now that I finished my first month of regular Sustainability blog posts. I have enjoyed the whole experience immensely. My aim is to publish a new blog post every two days at the moment. There will be weeks where I am not able to fulfill this regular posting schedule of course. But hey, writing this Sustainability blog is a hobby after all. And if do not try my best what is point of blogging at all. So onward and upwards!

Taking my Sustainability blog to the next level

A big wish of mine was always to have the time to write my Sustainability blog cornerstone articles. Now that I have more of a routine in blogging again, I feel I can start writing these. This might sound strange but good and meaningful writing about Sustainability for me takes practice. English is not my native language and writing does take time. And time is always quite hard to come by as most of you will understand.

Cornerstone articles are those articles that explain my Sustainability thinking. They outline how I see certain relationships within this field and what aspects are important to me. These cornerstone articles are purely based on my experience as a former Sustainability professional and my own point of view.

The first two Sustainability cornerstone articles

At this point in time I am planning to write a total of four cornerstone articles. One on Sustainability and Business , Social Media and Sustainability, getting a job in Sustainability and Sustainability and Sustainable Living. As time progresses I might increase the total number of cornerstone articles here on my Sustainability blog.

Today I wanted to introduce you to the first two cornerstone articles. These two articles are:

  1. For me Sustainability and Business = Sustainable Business: Here I am outlining why I think Sustainability and Business have a key relationship that is unique and difficult at the same time. Why I call this Sustainable Business. And what I see as the key elements of sustainable business.
  2. Sustainability and Social Media; With this cornerstone article I outlining the importance of Social Media for Sustainability, what its issues are and how you can manage Social Media for Sustainability right to produce results for your Sustainability cause.

Once I have the time I will write the two other cornerstone articles. But time is hard to come by at the moment. Well I guess it always is when you love what you do as a hobby but it does not earn you your living. 🙂

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