Commenting on the upcoming Guardian Sustainability report

I love commenting as you will have noticed by now. I was therefore really happy to provide a comment about the upcoming The Guardian Sustainability report.

Jo Confino kindly nudged me again today to squeeze out some ideas and comments. After a busy and hectic week I finally found the time today to sit down and align my ideas in order to provide some useful and constructive feedback.
Here is what I wrote:
First of all thank you for including such a nice reference about my experience of the last report into the post Jo. My headaches have past obviously but I must say a lot of reports still give me pretty bad headaches. So lets try to make this a better report. 😉
Here are some of the main issues I would like to see in the next report (some are new and the ones that you are already doing work on I would like you to continue the good work):
Reporting issues:

  • Explain to us in more detail why you report the way you report. In my view you can never do this good enough.
  • Especially the rolling updates need to be explained in more detail.
  • Give us more details why you changed to stop doing something as a business and why you started something new in order to understand the rationale.
  • I am always going on about this but try to tell us as much as possible in a single storyline. Pure facts are boring and not many people can put them in context.

Topical issues

  • Give us an idea of how the guardian helps us make sense of the ever changing world. Regime changes and constant global turmoil are keeping our attention occupied so much these days that the Sustainability report needs to be more than just numbers and words. It needs to be about what you are doing and what has changed. The report needs to enable us as stakeholders to see through the Guardian’s eyes in my view.
  • The importance of Wikileaks as explained by the first commentator here.
  • Show us how you are part of making Sustainability and CSR more popular across the globe by being as transparent as possible. Engage us and make us like the Guardian even more.

This is what I can come up with at the moment. I hope this helps.


What would you like to see in the next Guardian Sustainability report? I am sure Jo from the Guardian would be very happy to have more feedback. This is the link to the article where you can provide feedback: The Guardian feedback

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