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Climate change session at WEF 2018 – Climate’s Two Degrees Separation

The World Economic Forum was held in Davos this week. The view about the WEF 2018 is not always as positive as you might think. It is an event that is purposefully held in a secluded alpine region. Security is immense and the global elite are all part of this week in the European Alps. Open and inclusiveness with us as normal people is not what this really is. A lot of people therefore ask themselves whether this is not just a talking shop and an event for the rich and powerful to have a meeting. I guess the 45th US president thought this was as he was cheerleading for the US elite to come and invest into the US again. But this is another topic for another post maybe.

Having said this I still believe the WEF 2018 was a very useful event for promoting sustainability and climate change awareness from what I can see via Social Media. A lot of sessions related to Sustainability topics where held. I am sure countless meetings all sustainability or sustainable business related where done too.

The climate change session: Climate’s Two Degrees of Separation

It is the weekend. And during weekend posts I usually post sustainability or climate change related talks or videos. Today I wanted to provide you with the recording of this climate change session called “Climate’s Two Degrees of Separation”. In this session panelists from across the globe discuss the question that is on everyone’s mind these days when we discuss climate change: Is there still time to limit warming to two degrees and, if not, how do we adapt?

This is the session recording from the WEF 2018.

We might need to change our climate change communication

This session is a good example of where we are at in terms of climate change awareness. There is a high degree of complacency these days across the globe when you talk about climate change. The negativity for people is overwhelming and people will shut down and stop listening to you once you start with doomsday stories. Maybe we need to change our way of communicating climate change? Here are suggestions from a recent TED talk discussing the apocalypse fatigue emotion a lot of people are experiencing when they listen to climate change topics.

We also published two new sustainability cornerstone articles here over the past weeks. These cornerstone articles are outlining our thinking about Sustainability and Business and our approach to Sustainability communication using Social Media. I would be great if you had a few moments to check them out. All the topics there are also very important topics for tackling climate change in our view.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Picture Credit: “Earth” by DeclanTM is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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