Children Poverty: We need to ‘Put it right’

It is the end of the week and it has been a good week for me and most importantly my family.

Today’s post topic is a simple but at the same time so complicated one. How do we tackle the problem of children poverty around the globe or to write it in UNICEF words: ‘How do we put it right?’.

‘Put it right’ is the title of a 5 year long campaign by UNICEF. UNICEF is working in over 190 countries to protect the rights of all children and ensure that their voices are heard. It is a gigantic campaign in both outreach and importance and today’s post is dedicated to raising awareness for this important campaign.

We as Sustainability / CSR professionals and advocates already have a ‘soft-spot’ for social engagement and raising awareness of difficult topics all centered around Sustainability / CSR. That’s why I believe we all need to support as many social causes as possible. This campaign is one of these.

Here is the campaign video:

So what are you doing to make the world a better place? Help us and make a donation today or do whatever you can. I am doing my bit and I hope you can help as well.

Have a good weekend everyone and thanks for reading my blog.

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  1. Awesome Fabian. Thank you for sharing. It makes me think that I need to go to work next week and arrange a local project with employees for children in local neighborhoods… Regards Michael Cowen

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