Infographic: Material Decomposition Rates that will make you think again about trash

Todays post is a simple one again. This time from the Huffington Post and part of the Ocean plastic series.

Here’s How Long Your Trash Will Hang Around After You’re Dead

But the best part are the two infographics from SaveonEnergy.




















TED video: Elon Musk’s tunnel under LA

Some Friday inspiration by Elon Musk again. You might think of him what you like but you have to respect the creative nature of this person.

We need more people that think different here. Elon Musk in one. What other person would you have in mind?

Current Corporate Sustainability / CSR blogs links from my feed reader

I am using a RSS reader to organise my Sustainability / CSR sources. Those sources include the following categories:

  • Sustainability / CSR News
  • Individual Sustainability / CSR blogs
  • Corporate Sustainability / CSR blogs
  • Sustainability related news
  • EV and Cleantech

Over the next few weeks I will write individual posts on each of those RSS reader feeds to highlight the sources I find most useful at the moment. I will not list all the sources but highlight the ones I find most useful.skyline

All feedback is welcome. And I would love to hear what Corporate Sustainability / CSR blogs you are following at the moment.

Today I will start with my Corporate Sustainability / CSR blogs list:

Blog – Futerra
Realizing Your Worth
Corporate Citizenship Blog
Less Conversation More Action Blog » Green Living Category Feed
EDF Voices
Corporate Reporting blog
Sustainable Futures Blog
BSR Blog
Collective Responsibility
Blog | SustainAbility
Corporate Citizenship
Green Futures Articles
Read the Blog – Strategic Sustainability Consulting
Sustainable Cities
CSR Asia – Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia
CSIC Blog: Rocking the Boat

Video: The beauty of humpback whales as never seen before

Today I am doing a simple post. But to fully enjoy the post you need to take a few minutes from your busy days schedule to watch this amazing footage of 3 humpback whales circling a boat during a sea trip in August 2016 in New Caledonia (South Pacific). This footage was taken by a drone and just shows the potential of this technology to show us another facet of nature never seen by humans before.

If you ever get a chance to watch these animals live do not turn this chance down. I have had the pleasure of seeing humpback whales live. But this footage here comes so close it is just unreal. Enjoy.


Slideshare and Sustainability presentations? Maybe you should give it a try

I have been a big fan of SlideShare for a long time. Now that it is integrated with LinkedIn it has become even better.


Today I wanted to point you to their library of Sustainability presentations. There are many ways for you to find interesting presentations, videos, documents and infographics on a wide variety of topics.

This is the direct link to the Sustainability section on SlideShare:

SlideShare and Sustainability

I browsed for over 30 minutes today and found really useful information. So why not give it a try today or maybe even upload your own presentation so that we can benefit from you knowledge too! If you do please leave use a comment below so that we can have a look.