Current Corporate Sustainability / CSR blogs links from my feed reader

I am using a RSS reader to organise my Sustainability / CSR sources. Those sources include the following categories:

  • Sustainability / CSR News
  • Individual Sustainability / CSR blogs
  • Corporate Sustainability / CSR blogs
  • Sustainability related news
  • EV and Cleantech

Over the next few weeks I will write individual posts on each of those RSS reader feeds to highlight the sources I find most useful at the moment. I will not list all the sources but highlight the ones I find most useful.skyline

All feedback is welcome. And I would love to hear what Corporate Sustainability / CSR blogs you are following at the moment.

Today I will start with my Corporate Sustainability / CSR blogs list:

Blog – Futerra
Realizing Your Worth
Corporate Citizenship Blog
Less Conversation More Action Blog » Green Living Category Feed
EDF Voices
Corporate Reporting blog
Sustainable Futures Blog
BSR Blog
Collective Responsibility
Blog | SustainAbility
Corporate Citizenship
Green Futures Articles
Read the Blog – Strategic Sustainability Consulting
Sustainable Cities
CSR Asia – Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia
CSIC Blog: Rocking the Boat

Video: The beauty of humpback whales as never seen before

Today I am doing a simple post. But to fully enjoy the post you need to take a few minutes from your busy days schedule to watch this amazing footage of 3 humpback whales circling a boat during a sea trip in August 2016 in New Caledonia (South Pacific). This footage was taken by a drone and just shows the potential of this technology to show us another facet of nature never seen by humans before.

If you ever get a chance to watch these animals live do not turn this chance down. I have had the pleasure of seeing humpback whales live. But this footage here comes so close it is just unreal. Enjoy.


Slideshare and Sustainability presentations? Maybe you should give it a try

I have been a big fan of SlideShare for a long time. Now that it is integrated with LinkedIn it has become even better.


Today I wanted to point you to their library of Sustainability presentations. There are many ways for you to find interesting presentations, videos, documents and infographics on a wide variety of topics.

This is the direct link to the Sustainability section on SlideShare:

SlideShare and Sustainability

I browsed for over 30 minutes today and found really useful information. So why not give it a try today or maybe even upload your own presentation so that we can benefit from you knowledge too! If you do please leave use a comment below so that we can have a look.

Infographic: 50 Ways to be more sustainable at home

If you are reading my blog you will be a person that is more aware of your individual sustainability / environmental impact. We are all trying to be more sustainable each day and there are so many ways of improving / minimizing our impact on the environment.

Today I came across this useful I graphic picturing 50 ways of lowering our environmental impact. Really useful in my view. All feedback welcome.

50 ways infographic

Source: INFOGRAPHIC: 50 Ways Your Home Could Help Save the Earth

Minimizing waste best practice: The toogoodtogo app

Now there is a good idea. An app available in the UK called toogoodtogo.

ToogoodtogoIs allowing its users to order leftover food at a discount from restaurants. It’s aim is to help minimize waste from establishments that typically toss out perfectly perfectly edible food at the end of the day.

This is a good background article on the app: Huffington Post on togoodtogo.

This is more from the developers of the app on their sustainability approach: Sustainability and togoodtogo.

I wish we had such a service here in Germany and that this idea will be catching on globally.

All feedback appreciated.