How to avoid plastic trash -Part 1 – Breakfast essentials

I would like to start a new category as of today. I call the “Living more sustainable series”. In this series I would like to write the experiences and tips I have come across on my daily routine around the house, my business and life in general.

For me living more sustainable is a very hands on approach. And this approach and my daily experiences is something I would like to share from now on.

The posting frequency is random as I am writing these posts whenever I have some spare time.

Today’s post is the first post about avoiding plastics trash. Here in Germany (the country I live) plastic recycling is quite advanced. But improvements in the overall availability of plastic recycling is not enough.

It is about avoiding plastic altogether as the ultimate goal. But if you want to start straight away with your own personal impact, you could do whatever comes to mind when you think about your daily plastic waste in my view.

For me my plastic trash avoidance starts at breakfast. The first stop of the day can be a good starting point for rethinking your plastic usage. So lets look at the essentials such as bread, milk and butter for breakfast to not overstretch the length of this blog post.

Bread: Instead of buying any bread wrapped in plastics why not bake your own bread? Baking bread is super easy. Here is a great recipe to start: The simple white loaf. And I promise you that your own baked bread will be the first highlight of your day.

Milk: Any milk that has been filled into plastic bottles is horrible in my view. Tetra Pak‘s as use here in Germany is a better way but the best option is this one. Have you ever thought about going to an actual farm to buy your own milk? If you have some time during the weekend there is not much more fun for your child to see where the milk is coming from in my experience. Here are some impressions from a raw milk farm and its dispenser system: Buying local, raw milk in Germany.

Butter: There is nothing more satisfying in my view as a fresh piece of bread and some awesome tasting butter with it. Butter generally is not a product that has an overly amount of plastic wrapping but there are differences in quality and where the butter is coming from. Generally you should look for more sustainable butter products. This is a good guide from the Ethical Consumer if you are living in the UK for example .

That is all for now. My message is simple: In order to avoid more plastic trash why not start to cook your own meals. Yes we are all busy, but a bit of effort can save you a lot of money and lots of plastic trash. So start to cook.

More blog posts coming soon. All feedback welcome.

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plastic bags awaiting recyclingby EvelynGiggles

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TED video: Elon Musk’s tunnel under LA

Some Friday inspiration by Elon Musk again. You might think of him what you like but you have to respect the creative nature of this person.

We need more people that think different here. Elon Musk in one. What other person would you have in mind?

2017 will be interesting

This is my first post here in a few months now. Somehow real life took over everything in October until now. But I will try to post as often as possible here again.

Some of topics I will write about will be:

  • The Trump effect on Sustainability as I see it.
  • Sustainability trends in 2017

More topics to follow.

If you have any suggestions please let me know by commenting in the box below.

Resuming normal blogging service this week

The past two weeks where totally packed with private appointments. It was therefore impossible to find the time to blog in my regular capacity unfortunately.

Now everything is getting close to normal and I can start to catch up on the Sustainability / CSR news and events I missed.

Here are some interesting news and blog items I found this week so far:

More posts to follow this week if all the catching up goes according to plan. If there is anything you have to share in terms of Sustainability / CSR news please let me know in the comments section.

Twitter as a one-way Social Media channel only from now on

I have been a member of Twitter since 2008 and always enjoyed the possibilities to connect ot likeminded people from across the globe.

But that has changed a lot over the years it seems. What I am missing the most at the moment is the lack of two-way engagement from individuals on Twitter. This is the post I did about this a few days ago: Where is the Engagement these days? Marketing their own products or services seem to be the main objective these days. Over the past months I tried to build up more engagement via Twitter. The result was to put it mildly, disappointing. I call it the one-way Social Media channel after this experience.

Twitter as a one way Social Media channel

I have been wondering whether this one-way Social Media channel is the best way forward for me too and came to the conclusion that it is the best alternative for me at this point in. In the future this might change of course!

From now on going forward will Twitter be used as a pure one-way Social Media channel and not an two-way engagement tool anymore. Why? Well I want to focus on my content and writing. Not spending time on hunting for some short-lived two-way engagement that does not lead to advancing Sustainability / CSR best practice. I am disappointed about this development but feel that this is the sign of the times now that Twitter has been become a platform focusing on marketing of Sustainability brands and services from what I can make out.

What are yours experiences with this? And have you experienced a similar trend? All feedback appreciated.