Stay informed. Some Corp blogs on Democracy, Politics and Sustainability

I will from now on provide short posts about the new era of Sustainability and CSR challenges after the world-changing Brexit decision and a surge of authoritarianism in the US (dare I say this T-word again…No I will resist for now).

Why? Simple. If you stay informed you know what is going on around you and you can make an informed decision. Something that is clearly missing in the daily Trump universe (there I wrote it).

Here are some interesting articles to read to finish of your week. 4 blogs from corporations and 1 from Jeffrey Hollender:

Have a good weekend everyone!

Resuming normal blogging service this week

The past two weeks where totally packed with private appointments. It was therefore impossible to find the time to blog in my regular capacity unfortunately.

Now everything is getting close to normal and I can start to catch up on the Sustainability / CSR news and events I missed.

Here are some interesting news and blog items I found this week so far:

More posts to follow this week if all the catching up goes according to plan. If there is anything you have to share in terms of Sustainability / CSR news please let me know in the comments section.

Sustainability / CSR news feed summary from the 22.08 – 16.09.2016

I have been posting my favorite daily Sustainability / CSR news over the past month now. I really enjoyed the process and hope you will find these daily updates useful. News Sustainability CSR 2

Today’s post is a simple summary of these posts as I will clear out the Sustainability / CSR news feed now so that the page does not get too long to read and only includes up to date news.

These are the Sustainability / CSR news I found of interest from the 22nd of August to the 16th of September 2016. All feedback appreciated.

























Picture Credit: David Michalczuk

Stakeholder pressure, Pepsi Crystal and Palm Oil

It is a company’s nightmare being forced to answer to stakeholder pressure. Today I wanted to highlight a campaign to make Pepsi to improve its practice on sourcing more sustainable palm oil as a reaction to the announcement to reintroduce Crystal Pepsi in the US.palm oil production

This video below is the centerpiece and message of the SumOfUs campaign Pepsi needs to find an answer for. The text is taken from the campaign website.

“Pepsi’s conflict palm oil is driving rainforest destruction and the extinction of already endangered animals like orangutans, tigers, and elephants. Workers in the palm oil industry are paid unethically low wages, and many don’t have adequate health and safety protection. With the launch of Crystal Pepsi today, now’s a good time to spread the word about Pepsi’s practices, by watching the video and sharing the video with your friends, family, and colleagues.”

My view

Sourcing sustainable palm oil is very difficult for companies from my experience and it is not a new topic. I totally agree that companies need to do more but I would have liked to see more substance with this campaign. Taking action is good but taking action by being more inclusive in terms of communication with Pepsi in this case would have been better. But hey this is my view. I am person that tries to be as inclusive as possible as I see this communication approach as the only way forward when it comes to managing our future together! A lot has been done already. Feel free to take a look at the 3 links below for further reading.

Further reading:

Thanks to Debs McClelland for pointing me to this campaign.

Picture Credit: 1village

My new Sustainability / CSR news feed

There is a hardly a day when I do not check out the latest Sustainability / CSR news from across the globe. I guess you could call me a news junkie in that regard. 😉

Out of these news items I am coming across there are many that are not overly interesting to share in my view. But the ones that are interesting to share I from now on post on my Sustainability / CSR news feed.

I decided to create this designated page for Sustainability / CSR news in order to provide my readers an overview of what I am reading on Sustainability / CSR. These news items are no endorsement of the companies or websites but rather a specific selection out of the hundreds of news items on Sustainability / CSR each day.

Sustainability CSR news feed

The page has a prominent position on my blog and I hope you will find this new page addition useful.

All feedback on the Sustainability / CSR news page very much welcome.