I love podcasts and the way they enable you to have a great conversation, record it and share this with your network afterwards all at the same time. That is why I immediately agreed to be interviewed by Paul Smith aka GreenSmith when he asked me several weeks ago ifRead More →

There are thousands of sustainability related websites out there but as far as I am aware of there are only a few blog / websites networks that specifically run a number of Sustainability-related websites and have them connected into a single network (What is a blog/website network?  – Wikipedia) orRead More →

I have recently started to do a lot more Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) related information-sharing via Facebook. When I began my Facebook crusade, I blogged about it here as well. I listed the positives and negatives I found using Facebook as a information platform. Since then Facebook introducedRead More →

This is my third post in my series about people I would recommend to follow on Twitter if you are interested in information and opinion about Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The two previous posts in this series can be found here: Post 1: Post one about 5 greatRead More →