Current Corporate Sustainability / CSR blogs links from my feed reader

I am using a RSS reader to organise my Sustainability / CSR sources. Those sources include the following categories:

  • Sustainability / CSR News
  • Individual Sustainability / CSR blogs
  • Corporate Sustainability / CSR blogs
  • Sustainability related news
  • EV and Cleantech

Over the next few weeks I will write individual posts on each of those RSS reader feeds to highlight the sources I find most useful at the moment. I will not list all the sources but highlight the ones I find most useful.skyline

All feedback is welcome. And I would love to hear what Corporate Sustainability / CSR blogs you are following at the moment.

Today I will start with my Corporate Sustainability / CSR blogs list:

Blog – Futerra
Realizing Your Worth
Corporate Citizenship Blog
Less Conversation More Action Blog » Green Living Category Feed
EDF Voices
Corporate Reporting blog
Sustainable Futures Blog
BSR Blog
Collective Responsibility
Blog | SustainAbility
Corporate Citizenship
Green Futures Articles
Read the Blog – Strategic Sustainability Consulting
Sustainable Cities
CSR Asia – Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia
CSIC Blog: Rocking the Boat

Twitter as a one-way Social Media channel only from now on

I have been a member of Twitter since 2008 and always enjoyed the possibilities to connect ot likeminded people from across the globe.

But that has changed a lot over the years it seems. What I am missing the most at the moment is the lack of two-way engagement from individuals on Twitter. This is the post I did about this a few days ago: Where is the Engagement these days? Marketing their own products or services seem to be the main objective these days. Over the past months I tried to build up more engagement via Twitter. The result was to put it mildly, disappointing. I call it the one-way Social Media channel after this experience.

Twitter as a one way Social Media channel

I have been wondering whether this one-way Social Media channel is the best way forward for me too and came to the conclusion that it is the best alternative for me at this point in. In the future this might change of course!

From now on going forward will Twitter be used as a pure one-way Social Media channel and not an two-way engagement tool anymore. Why? Well I want to focus on my content and writing. Not spending time on hunting for some short-lived two-way engagement that does not lead to advancing Sustainability / CSR best practice. I am disappointed about this development but feel that this is the sign of the times now that Twitter has been become a platform focusing on marketing of Sustainability brands and services from what I can make out.

What are yours experiences with this? And have you experienced a similar trend? All feedback appreciated.

The Whitelist issue: No more Forbes articles for me

I have been reading Forbes articles on Sustainability / CSR for a few years now and mostly enjoyed them. But over the past months I have been hindered by this blockage from their website administration to Whitelist Forbes from my ad blocker to let them show advertising.
This is the message:
Today this happened again and I decided to delete my Forbes RSS subscription. I use my ad blocker in the Chrome browser for a purpose. To not be overloaded with ads that I am not interested in.
More and more websites have been doing this and I will avoid these sites altogether from now on because I believe this is an irresponsible corporate practice only intended to earn them easy money with their advertisers.

And if Forbes prides themselves to be an advocate for Sustainability / CSR by promoting these topics they should reconsider this malpractice of forcing readers to whitelist their site.
Bye bye Forbes. May you prosper without me as a reader from now on.

Stakeholder pressure, Pepsi Crystal and Palm Oil

It is a company’s nightmare being forced to answer to stakeholder pressure. Today I wanted to highlight a campaign to make Pepsi to improve its practice on sourcing more sustainable palm oil as a reaction to the announcement to reintroduce Crystal Pepsi in the US.palm oil production

This video below is the centerpiece and message of the SumOfUs campaign Pepsi needs to find an answer for. The text is taken from the campaign website.

“Pepsi’s conflict palm oil is driving rainforest destruction and the extinction of already endangered animals like orangutans, tigers, and elephants. Workers in the palm oil industry are paid unethically low wages, and many don’t have adequate health and safety protection. With the launch of Crystal Pepsi today, now’s a good time to spread the word about Pepsi’s practices, by watching the video and sharing the video with your friends, family, and colleagues.”

My view

Sourcing sustainable palm oil is very difficult for companies from my experience and it is not a new topic. I totally agree that companies need to do more but I would have liked to see more substance with this campaign. Taking action is good but taking action by being more inclusive in terms of communication with Pepsi in this case would have been better. But hey this is my view. I am person that tries to be as inclusive as possible as I see this communication approach as the only way forward when it comes to managing our future together! A lot has been done already. Feel free to take a look at the 3 links below for further reading.

Further reading:

Thanks to Debs McClelland for pointing me to this campaign.

Picture Credit: 1village

My new Sustainability / CSR news feed

There is a hardly a day when I do not check out the latest Sustainability / CSR news from across the globe. I guess you could call me a news junkie in that regard. 😉

Out of these news items I am coming across there are many that are not overly interesting to share in my view. But the ones that are interesting to share I from now on post on my Sustainability / CSR news feed.

I decided to create this designated page for Sustainability / CSR news in order to provide my readers an overview of what I am reading on Sustainability / CSR. These news items are no endorsement of the companies or websites but rather a specific selection out of the hundreds of news items on Sustainability / CSR each day.

Sustainability CSR news feed

The page has a prominent position on my blog and I hope you will find this new page addition useful.

All feedback on the Sustainability / CSR news page very much welcome.