Busy times

Here is a short update for everyone that wondered what the hell I have been doing over the past months. Despite all good intentions I am still not able to update my blog on a regular basis each week in turns out.

These are the things I am doing at the moment to give you an idea how I spent the available time during the week.


  • Integrating two businesses (the family business and my own) in order to get the best possible outcome for everyone involved.
  • Getting to know a whole new business including its products, markets and individuals.
  • Trying to find a solution what to do with SustainabilityForum.com.
  • Coordinating the next development steps for TheEnvironmentSite.org.
  • Preparing for my upcoming speaking and workshop arrangements.


  • Getting used to living back in Germany with all its different cultural challenges (Something I really underestimated….).
  • Looking after and educating two adolescent dogs (a lot of fun but also very time consuming despite making huge progress)!
  • Supporting my wife with her new professional challenge in life (a great new opportunity).

And a zillion other smaller things not worth mentioning which life provides you with….. But be assured that I am trying my best here to get back to my regular updates. It just might take a little more time as I expected several months ago.

Have a good start to the new week everyone.

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