Blame the bees: More posts to follow during the colder seasons

Sorry everyone for not writing any new blog posts since March. I have been super busy and simply did not find the time to blog as regular as I wanted to. From now on I will have the rule to regularly blog in between the Autumn and late Spring. Why that period? Bees are to blame!

Bees are taking over during the Spring, Summer and early Autumn

I am not sure whether you noticed but I started a new hobby in 2018. Beekeping. Since I started to have bees a few months back I totally immersed into this topical area. And I love every minute of it. As a consequence beekeeping is starting to influence my own schedule when I am taking care of the bees. I have two hives at the moment and the natural activity time for bees is March to October. During that period I will not blog much and posts here will appear whenever I have something to say. Two hives are not a lot but I have a regular life with a business to run and family to keep happy as well. Spare time is a luxury in this case. 😉

That is all for today. I will be back in a few weeks time when the Autumn is taking hold here in Europe. Until that time, keep safe and be as sustainable as possible!

One of my hives in the magnificent sunshine and amongst our wild flower patch

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