Back to the UK and my top 5 sustainability reports of 2007

The week in Germany is drawing to an end and I will fly back to London tomorrow. Hopefully the Heathrow experience will not be as horrible as it usually is. I must say when it comes to flying distances within Europe, I would always prefer to drive or even better, take the train/public transport. My wife can say from experience that I love any kind of public transportation (except the London tube). I have no idea what it is but public transportation if not to cramped can be very relaxing and soothing.
Anyway it’s back to London tomorrow and I finished a blog post over the course of the last two days again.

That one is posted on the and hopefully provides some useful information on what my personal top 5 Sustainability reports from 2007 are. I tried to be as unbiased as possible and explained a little bit of my thinking behind the top 5 in the post.

Take a look if you want: The Top 5 Sustainability Reports of 2007

Any feedback on either of the posts or anything is as always much appreciated and welcomed.

That’s all for now but I will be back!:-)


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