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Our family is like a lot of families around the globe these days when it comes to shopping. 50% if not more is done via the Internet in our household these days using online deliveries. My job is it to recycle the packaging of these deliveries. Usually tonnes of cardboard boxes and plastic filling material. I hate this plastic filling material. Most of it is bubble wrap material filling I have to say.

A few days ago we received another package and I was already dreading the bubble wrap. But I was positively surprised. No plastic bubble wrap or other plastic filling of any sort. This is how the recent alternative to the plastic bubble wrap I usually receive looked like. This packaging material is from Karopack. The company based in Germany is producing these cushions made of your waste cardboard. I am in no way associated with this company I have to say. I simply liked this product.

These cushions are very durable (from what I know now) and so simple. It is just mind boggling that I did not think about a alternative before. I simply accepted that this plastic bubble wrap is the only way. But it is not and I never voiced my aversion against this needless bubble wrap craziness as well. Companies need to know that we as their customers want more alternatives.

More alternatives to bubble wrap

Next to Karopak there are other alternatives to plastic bubble wrap of course. I have listed some of these below:

  • cushionPaper Roll – Ikea used this in one of our recent deliveries here in Germany. I did not make a photo of this which I regret now….
  • Ranpak – I have not seen their products but from their description they seem to have good sustainable alternatives as well. So I included them here.
  • Google search for an alternative to bubble wrap if you want to search for more alternatives to bubble wrap. I am sure there are plenty more.

So why not make a change today and demand a more sustainable packaging material based out of used cardboard boxes next time you are receiving a request for feedback about your recent delivery. I am sure our planet will be a better place without this bloody plastic and companies will listen if we the consumers demand this more strongly.

And please let me know whether you know any other alternatives. I am always keen to learn about good sustainable alternatives to our every-day sustainability challenges!

Picture Credit: To the depths

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