Appreciation of the CSR / Sustainability work you do

Our work in the CSR / Sustainability can often be very difficult and not necessarily rewarding if you are constantly trying to create and promote change. Today’s post has a simple message:

Show your appreciation for someone’s work more often. Even if it is someone you do not know personally. I am sure they will appreciate it.

This email below reminded me of this simple but also so important aspect of our work. I got this message from someone (not to be disclosed for privacy reasons) a few days ago and only came across reading today:


Hi Fabian,

it is with joy that I came across your blog and sites. Just recently I realized that I want do work on something that I love such as sustainability. Perhaps at a sustainability office somewhere or a work that is directly impacting sustainable activities.

Obviously I cannot just quit my job and study a grad program in sustainability. I have financial obligations. However, I already know what I want. Now I need to get there. I have a blog that I intent to maintain as I grow more knowledgeable in the subject and to share the message. In doing some searches I came across one of your blogs.

I want to personally thank you for the great information you provide. It will certainly help me. I will be putting links to your stuff from my blog.

Take care.

So nice of this person to write this totally unsolicited email.

I believe that we need to take the time more often to write these kind of emails or messages in order to tell someone how much we appreciate the work they are doing in the CSR / Sustainability field. It will surely be something they will remember and appreciate.

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. Go for it!, Whoever wrote it! I was in the same situation as well when starting my company/blog in Sweden/Scandinavia and now have thousands of leaders to inspire in sustainable development weekly on and ! (Hållbart Event means Sustainable Event in Swedish)
    My advice to your success: Keep being curious! And keep on building your brand.

  2. Great and important post Fabian! I often think that we are so quick to criticize companies when their programs don't meet our "perfect ideal CSR idea" but we often forget that there are real people doing the work to move the needle and it is often an uphill battle – consideration for the their efforts is always very important.

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