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Al Gore is right – We need to be inconvenient – Now more than ever before

I had the pleasure to watch the 2017 Al Gore movie “An inconvenient sequel. From truth to power“. This is the follow up movie from his “An inconvenient truth” movie from 2006. I loved the message to be inconvenient back then. It was the simplicity of the message that helped me to engage with climate change deniers over the past years in a much more meaningful way than ever before. I hoped this second movie would follow this message trail.

This is the trailer to give you a taste of what Al Gore’s movie is about and it’s hashtag if you want to follow on Twitter #beinconvenient:

At the beginning I was not sure what to expect to be perfectly honest. I really liked the first movie from 2006. And his second movie did not disappoint. It is a bit different but “good” different. I will not tell you more about what is in the movie. You really need to watch it yourself. But what I really enjoyed is the fact that there where many elements in there that are hugely encouraging. It becomes very clear that all of us can work together to change our ways. If we want to. Yes there need to be compromises along the way. But life is a compromise, Life is not a wish concert.

Be Inconvenient: Despite all setbacks and problems

Al Gore is one of the last climate change mavericks. And his message is still the same. No matter how often you might think the fight is meaningless when we look who is in power at the moment, we have no choice. We need to fight for our future and the right to determine our future. No matter who is in power. Climate Change is real. The science does not lie. We need to be inconvenient! We need to make sure our message is being heard. Because if it is not, what will you have to say to your children when they ask you why the planet is changing for the worse? “We did not change our ways because other people decided for us that Climate Change is not happening.” Is this really the answer you would want to give?

This is not what I am going to do. That is certain. I will be inconvenient. I will always be inconvenient. If there is no change we have to stay inconvenient. No matter what the consequences. We owe this to our children and their children. Now is not the time to falter. Be who you are and help us be more sustainable than ever before.

Have a good Sunday everyone!

Picture Credit: “Amazing Earth Day Image – earthriseby @gletham GIS, Social, Mobile Tech Images, Licensed under CC-BY 2.0original source via Flickr

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