After a month of daily blogging: Being persistent pays

I have written daily blog posts for over a month now and I must say that I am hugely enjoying this change of my blogging routine. Don’t get me wrong, daily blogging is a lot more work but it is also so good to see that this persistence is also appreciated by my readers. I am getting such great comments and it seems that I am now much more in touch with my readers and the general Sustainability / CSR best practice across the globe.

My Social Media lesson: Persistant writing will increase your online engagement and blog popularity 

Not only am I getting some great quality comments and feedback while engaging with you on a daily basis but the quantitative stats ie. popularity of my blog has increased significantly as well. My subscriber stats went up from around 460 to roughly 500 and the traffic to the blog has doubled over the last 2 weeks alone. The increased frequency also impacts the number of search results in Google. I am now getting nearly 75% more so-called “organic search engine traffic” from the worlds biggest search engine. These are only three stats. I am sure the other stats will tell the same story.

The Social Media impact has also been noticeable. The numbers of daily number of new followers on Twitter and on Google+ have surged by about 50% (Twitter)  and 25% (Google+) over the last 4 weeks. All and all a very positive start in my view.

I wanted to thank you, my readers, for this great month and I am now 100% sure that I will keep this up for the next months at least.

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