Welcome to SustainabilityForum.com. The purpose of this website is twofold:

  1. To be a source of interesting Sustainability / CSR news and a
  2. place for Sustainability / CSR blog posts from me, Fabian and other guest writers.

History of the website

Several years ago this website used to be a very lively discussion forum on Sustainability / CSR topics run by me Fabian. Next to the SustainabilityForum.com site I blogged on my personal website.

As my family grew, time for the sites became impossible to come by as it was always a hobby to blog about Sustainability / CSR. So I took the tough decision to put my sites on hold and wait for the moment I had more time to blog about Sustainability / CSR again. In the end I had a 4 year blogging break from 2012 to 2016.

In 2o16 I decided that I combine my personal blog and the SustainabilityForum.com to a single blog about Sustainability / CSR news, views and opinion. I imported my posts from my personal blog and started to write again. That is why my posts go back to 2008.

All opinions are my own expressed in the way I see them. I do not work in this field professionally (Former employers include Futerra, AccountAbility and E.ON UK) anymore but I just had to start blogging again. Sustainability / CSR best practice and news is my passion and I hope you will find this website useful.

If you like to connect please either comment in one of my posts, fill out my contact form or follow me on Twitter: Fabian on Twitter .

Managing the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Facebook page

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How you could help SustainabilityForum.com

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