Welcome to SustainabilityForum.com. The purpose of this website is the following:

  1. To be a source of interesting Sustainability news and commentary.
  2. A place for me, Fabian, to blog about Sustainability / CSR topics and how I see Sustainability and business.
  3. And a resource for a more sustainable lifestyle if you are thriving to live more sustainable.

All content is written by me and is based on my personal and professional experience.

History of the website and some more background

Several years ago this website used to be a very lively discussion forum on Sustainability / CSR topics run by me, Fabian. Next to the SustainabilityForum.com site I blogged on my personal website.

As my family grew, time for the sites became impossible to come by as it was always a hobby to blog about Sustainability / CSR. So I took the tough decision to put my sites on hold and wait for the moment I had more time to blog about Sustainability / CSR again. In the end I had a 4 year blogging break from 2012 to 2016.

In 2016 I decided that I combine my personal blog and the SustainabilityForum.com to a single blog about Sustainability / CSR news, views, resources and opinion. I imported my posts from my personal blog and started to write again. That is why my posts go back to 2008.

All opinions are my own expressed in the way I see them. I do not work in this field professionally anymore. Former employers include Futerra, AccountAbility and E.ON UK. But I just had to start blogging again as I have always enjoyed it so much. And trying to live a more sustainable life is one of my personal goals. That is why this website exists and will exist for a long time to come. I hope you will find this website useful and enjoy it as much as I enjoy it filling it with life whenever I have some spare time.

If you like to connect please either comment in one of my posts, fill out my contact form or follow me on Twitter: Fabian on Twitter.

How you could help SustainabilityForum.com

If you like the content you are reading, please feel free to share and discuss. That is all I ask. Nothing more but also nothing less.

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