A New Trend and Some New Selected Sustainability Jobs

Everyone is talking about the economic crisis and the difficult times in the job market. But there are still a lot of interesting jobs in the Sustainability field out there as far as I can see. I am scouting some of the most interesting jobs sites every week and indeed, I am seeing a change in the job market. But the change I see is not in the number of available vacancies but really only in the way jobs are named, i.e. the job titles. A lot more of the jobs now include the Environmental and Sustainability titles. Not as many jobs now include the job titles of  „CSR“ and „Ethical“ as far as I can see. This is a very interesting development in my opinion and I will see whether this is turning out the be a continuing trend over the course of the next few months.

In any case. Here are some vacancies that where added to the forum if you are interested in finding a new job and challenge.

UK: Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Assistant

Germany: Project Manager, Dual-Certified Timber Pilot

UK: Project Manager for climate change campaign

US: Foundation and Corporations Manager

UK: Assistant Environment Policy Adviser, Temporary

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