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I am interested in connecting with other fellow sustainability enthusiasts from across the globe. Online communities that are discussing sustainability topics are a good starting point.

But where do you connect online about sustainability topics these days?

I asked myself this question and came up with this list to start with.

  • Sustainability community on This is an interesting science based community if you are looking for contributors driven topics about a wide variety of Sustainability topics.
  • Care2 and Care2 is the self proclaimed “world’s largest community for good”. It is a useful petition side. is much bigger but also broader in terms of topics. I am glad both sites are promoting a sustainable future that benefits us all. 
  • Reddit Environment: Yes you read right. I am still on reddit and yes I like the way it is still surviving. 🙂 It is diverse and a very powerful  platform in my view. The Environment section is a constant bookmark of mine. Not everything is good content on there but better then most other sites.

Social networks for Sustainability engagement

The other possibility these days is to use Social Networks to connect to other Sustainability minded people on certain topics. These are a few social networks I found interesting to mention. If you are interested in my overall view of Sustainability and Social Media please visit my Sustainability and Social Media cornerstone article.

Twitter: The Twitter universe is huge and can be confusing at times if you are not shutting out that constant noise from people. I am using Twitter lists as a focused way to engage with people on Sustainability topics to start with. Or just type in Sustainability and you will find a huge variety of topics you might be interested in.

Facebook and Instagram: I am not on Facebook anymore as I totally disagree with their policies, corporate behaviour/leadership and reckless collaboration in terms of personal with app providers. But I am sure you will find interesting Sustainability related groups on Facebook. The same goes for Instagram in my view. I am avoiding both sites but you might not. It is your choice.

Where have all the online Sustainability communities gone?

While these links here are starting point for sustainability related online communities I am astonished that there are no real big online communities related to sustainability I can find as of the beginning of 2019.

Have I missed any you could recommend? Or are we really in such a dire situation that that other then petition sites there are no real sustainability related online communities out there anymore?

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  1. Helpful. Thank you!

    Planning on starting a “Sustainable Ecommerce Alliance” forum at my company.

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