2017 did not help us progress Sustainability: 2018 needs to be better

Diversity of views and opinions is one of our strengths as a civilization. And this diversity is a key driving factor for our sustainable future. This is my opinion.

Diversity usually gives us progress. And progress is good. Unfortunately 2017 was a year of sustainability standstill as far as I see it at the moment. Progressing the global message of living and working more sustainably has not really progressed. I believe each and everyone of us reading this post has their own sustainability-related experience to share. I would love to hear those in the comments below if you have a minute.

What will 2017 be seen as in 10 years time?

Maybe this view changes when we look back at 2017 in 10 years time for example. I hope 2027 will finish with a more hopeful situation. But I am not so sure. When my daughter asks me in 2027 what I did to change our path to our uncertain sustainability future I am not confident what I would say. Uncertainty would be my word for 2017.

Trump is a problem but not the problem the sustainability movement has at the moment. Trump is simply doing what the people that voted for him asked him to.

The problem of 2017 is that we have made too limited progress in convincing everyone that the sustainable future is the only and best future. This will have to change in 2018. If not, our civilization is in even bigger trouble as time is running out on changing the course of our history.

2017 in a picture

To the right you have recycling bin for paper which is provided free of charge by our city. To the left you see paper rubbish. People will not bother to even put the paper waste in the bin. I am sure they had a reason (Bad weather, they had no more time or some other excuse). They just chuck it next to to the bin, expecting others to clean up after themselves. 2017 in a picture for me.

2017 in review

If you are interested in some reviews of 2017 and an outlook for 2018, here are some summaries of Sustainability-related topics in 2017 from various websites I am following:

2018 for me

I will try to do my bit in 2018 by writing about and promoting sustainability as much as I can via this website and my Twitter and Facebook channels.

What will you do? We all can do our bid no matter how small or how trivial it might seem to you now. So let’s get going and start today!!

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