News review: Unilever’s disbanding CSR department, adding CSR meaning and improving stakeholder engagement

In today’s news review I will be highlighting 5 Sustainability / CSR news stories that I found most useful. A full list of Sustainability / CSR news items updated each day can be found here:  My sustainability / CSR news feedNews Sustainability CSR 2

  1. Big brands like Unilever aren’t the answer to helping Africa’s farmers via The Guardian: This is an interesting article discussing the trend of large corporations linking low-income communities to their global supply chains. So called inclusive business. The author goes on to argue that the business reality of an informal economy to inclusive business needs to be considered more.
  2. 4 Ways Agencies Can Add Meaning to Corporate Social Responsibility Programs via AdWeek: Here the author presents “four ways advertisers and their agencies can refresh and refocus their CSR programs.” A general but still useful article in my view especially if you are an ad agency or any kind of firm working on Sustainability / CSR communication.
  3. A new type of CSR: Why I disbanded Unilever’s CSR department, in a nutshell via LinkedIn: This is my favorite article of the 5 top Sustainability / CSR news the past days. Keith Weed, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer from Unilever writes about the reasons why Unilever disbanded their CSR department. Good insight into the mature CSR / Sustainability strategy and business integration of CSR at Unilever.
  4. How sustainability leaders deal with bullies via GreenBiz: Part Two of an interesting Sustainability / CSR article series from Bob Langert, Former Vice President of Sustainability, McDonald’s on NGO engagement and related experiences while working for McDonald’s.
  5. The Benefits of Integrating, Communicating Your Purpose Are Undeniable – Here’s Why via Sustainable Brands: A more abstract but still very insightful article on the topic how an organisation can generate higher value with their stakeholder engagement activities by creating a singular and more authentic purpose.

These are my top 5 Sustainability / CSR news items so far this week. If there are more interesting news items I find important to write about I will post this kind of a news review again this week.

Top three 2016 TED talks on Sustainability

I have been a huge fan of TED talks over the years and today I wanted to share the top three TED talks I have come across during 2016 when we look at the topic of Sustainability.

Talk 1: Creating Social change as well as championing social values and sustainability. This is what Audrey Choi is talking about in this engaging TED talk.

Talk 2: Seeing a business opportunity where others only see a problem. Achenyo Idachaba and the water hyacinth.

Talk 3: On the topic of carbon neutrality here is a very inspiring talk from Bhutan’s Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay.

These are some great TED talks and I would invite you to watch each of those with a nice coffee or tea if have a few minutes to spare!

If you have more time why check out the list of all Sustainability related TED talks here: 

Video: Does technology work for or against us?

It is Friday, the end of a busy week and felt I needed to post something that helps me reflect on in what kind of time we live at the moment. In a good way. I am a positive person and I believe being negative is a waste of the limited time we have on earth. Tech conductor

I hugely enjoy blogging about Sustainability / CSR again after a break of few years. And the majority from this enjoyment is that I can be creative again. Don’t get me wrong. I love my business. I love what we do and the people I employ are like family to me.

But being creative on a personal level is different. Different in the sense that I write down what I think about Sustainability / CSR best practice the way I see it.

So please take a few minutes to watch this short video I noticed while browsing Twitter. You can think about Edward Snowden what you like but he has a point when he answers the question whether technology works for or against us these days. I know that I would not want to miss the global networking we are able to do today again. There is a very powerful Sustainability message here as well. What it is, is different for every individual I believe. But take a look at the video first before browsing of to the next website please.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Picture Credit: hagdorned

News review: Boards rate Sustainability, H&M’s Burmese troubles and CSR popular with employees

This is my top Sustainability / CSR news list for 25.08.2016. As usual are all articles sourced from my RSS or Twitter feeds. News Sustainability CSR 2

Why Your Firm Should Be Engaging the Board on Sustainability Challenges: Article referring to the The Conference Board’s annual CEO Challenge survey where the CEO’S ranked sustainability as one of the top five global challenges for the first time in the survey. Other surveys mentioned are also discussed.

Investors call on G20 nations to ratify paris agreement swiftly and expand low carbon & green investment: The Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) (PDF) has called on the G20 nations to get a move with ratifying the Paris agreement.

CSR and charity at work a big thing for Irish workers: An interesting article on personal development and how Irish workers in this instance are preferring to work for a company that gives to charity and are having proper CSR frameworks and actions in place. All according to a report from the global workspace provider Regus.

The 2016 Rio Olympics were a great sporting event, and an ethical mess: No direct news item but a great post by Chris MacDonald providing us with a review and of his impression of the Rio Olympics from an ethics perspective.

H&M Embarrassed After 14-Year-Olds Found Working in Burma Garment Factories: Interesting review of the latest news about H&M and working conditions in Burmese garment factories by Leon Kaye.

Disclaimer: This list does not represent any kind of endorsement of the websites or companies. It is simply a list of Sustainability / CSR news I came across and found of interest to share.

Picture Credit: David Michalczuk

How I use my Twitter Sustainability / CSR lists

I have been a Twitter member since 2008 now and still are a big fan of it when it comes to connecting with other like-minded people from across the globe with regards to Sustainability / CSR news and best practice.Twitter list title image

Ever since Twitter added the List feature back in 2009 I constantly update my lists. I first started out with 1 list and now have 4 rather extensive lists.

How I use the Twitter lists

I use my Twitter lists as a way to categorize the people I want to listen to. I do not want to drown in information I am not always interested in. This means that I am not following everyone that follows me but that I add the people that follow me to the 4 different lists. That way I have a better overview of what information a certain individual or organisation is providing updates on. This is what this looks like using Tweetdeck.

Twitter list Tweetdeck image

These are my 4 current Twitter lists:

  1. Sustainability Allstars: A small group of selected people I follow and do not want to miss in terms of updates. Currently this list has 38 members.
  2. Sustainability Friends: All people that are interested in Sustainability / CSR and I have come across are listed here. Currently 567 members.
  3. Sustainability Orgs/Sites: The third list is a collection of organisations and websites related to Sustainability and CSR. Currently this list has 778 members.
  4. Various Tweeps: The last list is listing a wide variety of interesting people tweeting about Sustainability and non Sustainability topics. Currently mentioning 511 members.

These are the lists I run on Twitter to stay informed but at the same use to not get drowned in the information overkill we are all facing these days!

Picture Credit: respres