Find of the day: Registrations for Rio+ Social now open

The media coverage about the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development is continuously increasing. This time there will be a larger Social Media presence as well. This is where the so called RIO+SOCIAL comes in. Today I wanted to let you know that registrations for the RIO+SOCIAL are now open.

This is what Rio+Social is about. It promises to be interesting indeed:

“Rio+Social is an innovative event and global conversation about the nexus of social media, technology, and sustainability. Topics of conversation include how technology and digital and social media can impact the sustainability issues being addressed at Rio+20, including: energy, cities, jobs, food, water, women, health, oceans, and disasters. Rio+Social opens the high- level sessions of Rio+20 to everyone, so we can each have a say in helping define and support UN efforts in creating the future we want.
Key advocates and stakeholders who are driving the discussion around sustainability issues will utilize the Rio+Social platform to bring their messages to a worldwide, digital audience. The forum will take place June 19, 2012, and will feature a lively online discussion in the lead-up to the event, bringing together hundreds of thousands of voices, ideas, and opinions as part of a global dialogue and community.”

For more information go to this PDF: What is Rio+Social?

Also make sure to follow the Twitter hashtag #SocialGood for more Rio+Social coverage and discussions.

All resource links to the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards 2012 winners

I read about the winners of the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards 2012 today. But what I really missed were the links to the associated organisational CSR / Sustainability projects / initiatives and further information on the individuals winning an award. That is why I simply copied the results table and added the links that I could find about the winners. This was a great best-practice exercise as well.

These are the results from the Guardian post including links to the associated organisational CSR / Sustainability projects / initiatives as well as information about the outstanding individuals:


  1. Winner: PUMA, The PUMA Environmental Profit and Loss Account (E P&L)
  2. Runner up: Fauna & Flora International, The Natural Value Initiative

Built Environment

  1. Winner: Igloo Regeneration, Porth Teigr
  2. Runners up:  Marks & Spencer, Marks & Spencer – Ecclesall Road store & Prologis UK, SusCon


  1. Winner: Sainsbury’s Supermarkets, Sainsbury’s Carbon Footprint Initiative
  2. Runners up: Danone, Carbon mobilisation : -30% & Coca-Cola Enterprises, Towards a low-carbon business


  1. Winner:  SABMiller plc, Water Futures Partnership
  2. Runners up: BAFTA, Albert – sustainable production & Shell Foundation, EMBARQ: an enterprise-based solution to sustainable urban mobility in developing world megacities & Transport for London, Strategic Labour Needs and Training

Communicating Sustainability

  1. Winner: The Co-operative Group, Join the Revolution
  2. Runners up: Recyclebank, Recyclebank and Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead & Tata Global Beverages, Tetley’s farmers first hand


  1. Winner: Sainsbury’s Supermarkets, the world’s first smart grid ready supermarket
  2. Runners up: British Land, Advanced metering and energy optimisation roll out & Marks & Spencer, M&S energy management strategy

Engaging Employees

  1. Winner: Brother Industries (UK) Ltd, Adaptable workforce = Sustainability
  2. Runners up: Telefonica UK, Think Big – World Record Breaking & Aegis Group plc, GlobalGivingTIME


  1. Winner: Interface, Go Beyond
  2. Runners up: ClimateCare, Enabling carbon finance for clean water in the developing world & Vestas Wind Systems, A/S energy transparency 

Social Impact

  1. Winner: Carillion, The Library of Birmingham Project
  2. Runners up:  Groundwork Pennine Lancashire, Transforming charities through corporate involvement & Triodos Bank, Triodos Bank

Supply Chain

  1. Winners: Marks and Spencer, M&S Plan A: Transforming Supply Chains (PDF) & Veja
  2. Runner up: Skanska UK, Procuring the future

Waste and Recycling

  1. Winner: DESSO, Cradle to Cradle design strategy 2020
  2. Runners up: BAM Nuttall, Beyond zero – recycling & Coca-Cola Enterprises, Transforming recycling in Great Britain


  1. Winner: SABMiller plc, Making More Beer Using Less Water
  2. Runners up: Coca-Cola Enterprises, Establishing a water sustainable operation & Albstadtwerke / Gutermann, Zonescan alpha fixed water network monitoring (no English free of charge source available)

Outstanding achievement

Sustainable Business Leader of the Year

  1. Winner:
  2. Ian Cheshire, CEO, Kingfisher
  3. Runners up: Safia Minney, founder, People Tree & Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever & Jochen Zeitz, CEO, PUMA

Overall winner 2012

After a month of daily blogging: Being persistent pays

I have written daily blog posts for over a month now and I must say that I am hugely enjoying this change of my blogging routine. Don’t get me wrong, daily blogging is a lot more work but it is also so good to see that this persistence is also appreciated by my readers. I am getting such great comments and it seems that I am now much more in touch with my readers and the general Sustainability / CSR best practice across the globe.

My Social Media lesson: Persistant writing will increase your online engagement and blog popularity 

Not only am I getting some great quality comments and feedback while engaging with you on a daily basis but the quantitative stats ie. popularity of my blog has increased significantly as well. My subscriber stats went up from around 460 to roughly 500 and the traffic to the blog has doubled over the last 2 weeks alone. The increased frequency also impacts the number of search results in Google. I am now getting nearly 75% more so-called “organic search engine traffic” from the worlds biggest search engine. These are only three stats. I am sure the other stats will tell the same story.

The Social Media impact has also been noticeable. The numbers of daily number of new followers on Twitter and on Google+ have surged by about 50% (Twitter)  and 25% (Google+) over the last 4 weeks. All and all a very positive start in my view.

I wanted to thank you, my readers, for this great month and I am now 100% sure that I will keep this up for the next months at least.

Monday research: Why “zoning out” can be good for your creativity

We all know that creativity is a key ingredient for successful work in the Sustainability / CSR field. I believe that, next to the arts and media sector, the CSR / Sustainability is the sector benefiting most from creative practitioners.

But creativity is also not something you can just “turn on” and the lack of creative thinking can be a very frustrating element of any CSR / Sustainability project. This is the point where this interesting article I came across several days ago comes into play. This article from refers to an interesting study conducted by Benjamin Baird and Jonathan Schooler, both psychologists at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Here is the link to the article: Why great ideas come when you aren’t trying

“Zoning out” can be the key to your creativity

The study suggests that taking a break does not bring on inspiration but that creativity is actually fuelled by letting your mind wonder when on important tasks.

This is what the author of the post goes on to conclude: “Baird’s work shows that allowing the brain to enter this state when it is considering complex problems can have real benefits. Zoning out may have aided humans when survival depended on creative solutions.”

So why not take a break and think and do totally different things when you want to be creative. You might surprise yourself how good this works.

New CSR Social Media SME Resource: Small Business, Big Engagement

I usually present interesting research and resources over the course of each weekend and today I wanted to make you aware of a new resource on how small businesses (SME’s) can communicate their CSR using social media. This new resource for SME’s has been provided by the Georgetown University – Center for Social Impact Communication and is called: Small Business, Big Engagement.

Julie Dixon, Deputy Director, Center for Social Impact Communication contacted me several days to ask me to have a look. I liked the resources so much that I decided to blog about it. This is what Julie Dixon had to say about the research and resource:

“What we noticed in our research is that there’s a real gap in terms of understanding how to integrate social media into the existing CSR storytelling mix—especially when smaller organizations are reluctant to even tell that story to begin with,” said Julie Dixon, Deputy Director of CSIC. “We wanted to provide simple guidelines that will aid small businesses in understanding the value of these tools while shining a spotlight on some of the organizations who are already doing really great work in this area.”

Have a look and let me know what you think or why not get in touch with Julie directly via Twitter: Julie Dixon on Twitter.