Last post of 2010 – See you all in 2011!

2010 has been a turbulent year for my whole family but this blog always helped me to write about what I am most passionate about in business: Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

But this blog would be nothing without the continuous feedback and comments from you the readers. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that visited this blog over the course of 2010 for their feedback and participation.

2011 will be a very different year in comparison to 2010 for my family and me. We recently moved to Germany and we are all looking forward to a very successful 2011 in our new home.

Our life’s maybe changing but in this blog I will always try give you, my readers, Sustainability / CSR insights as well as opinion about relevant news and developments.

I would like to wish everyone some great remaining festive days and a great start to 2011.

See you all in the New Year!

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COP 16 – Another wasted opportunity?

Last year this time all eyes of the Sustainability / CSR world where looking towards Copenhagen for the big event of 2009, the United Nations Climate Change conference COP 15. For me it was the most important Sustainability event of 2009. It also was meant to be a starting point for the new age of climate change awareness and the time for all of us to come together and co-ordinate the first real steps to tackle climate change together on a global scale.

In my view the result of COP 15 was a real disappointment. If you can call it a result at all.

Fast forward one year:  Last week COP 16 in Cancun, Mexico took place. And late on Saturday an agreement was reached after yet again bitter disputes and threats by members to derail everything.

Here are some reactions from across the web about the COP 16:

My view

First take a look at this picture and tell me what you think:

Photograph: IIDS taken from the Guardian website here.

This is the Chris Huhne at the Cancún summit looking rather puzzled if I may say.

In my view this picture can be seen as being typical for the mood at the COP 16: Leaders from across the globe are still confused how to move forward in order to tackle Climate Change. To many agendas and interests are still interfering with the main purpose of the United Nations Climate Change conferences which is to help bring global climate change action on a successful path.

And there is another significant difference to last year. Everything is much more low key and no real heads of state were bothered to attend the COP 16. This is another sign that right from the start, the COP 16 seems to have been situated very low on the 2010 agenda for the biggest emitters of this world such as China and the US. Where is the leadership? Where is the passion that was present in Copenhagen? Climate Change is to important to delegate to your peers.

For me this is really the main message from the past week of COP 16 in Cancun: COP 16 was nothing more then a talking shop it seems. An event where not much other then agreements of what should be done to tackle climate change where passed again and an event where heads of state dare not show up and help to a more significant outcome.

Thank you for wasting another crucial year in which we could have made significant progress in order to tackle climate change. I am not trying to be negative here but this what my feeling is looking the results of the COP 16. Yet another wasted opportunity……………

Changing the life we live

I have not been blogging a lot over the past few weeks unfortunately. The reason for this inactivity is that a pretty significant life change has preoccupied me over the past weeks.

We will be moving back to Germany during the course of December. This move has been planned very carefully and both my wife and myself are really looking forward to this new challenge in 2011.

So will anything change here on my blog?

The clear answer is NO. Quite the opposite really. This blog has seen a huge rise in popularity and in terms of visitors during the course of 2010. During 2011 I will continue to blog on a regular basis about CSR, Sustainability and Social Media. And I have immensely enjoyed picking up the pace with more regular and in-depth CSR / Sustainability blog posts during 2010 and I will not stop with this in 2011.

The move back to my home country will actually be a good move in terms of my business as well. I will continue to expand my websites and still work as a consultant for my regular and new clients. All in all will this be a really good next step in our view.

So in effect only two major elements will change: 1) The location from where I am doing my work and 2) the level of support we can give to and receive from our families back in Germany.

2010 has been a very eventful year, personally and professionally. All events and consequences this year showed us that we needed to change something in our life. And this is what we are doing…..changing our life’s for the better. One small and bigger step at a time.

How has 2010 changed your life? Have you or will you change something important as a consequence of events in 2010?

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