Cartoon: Leadership and Sustainability / CSR

While I am getting back in to the swing of things after my holidays I felt I needed to keep my first blog post short and direct.

Take a look at this cartoon:

I would be interested to hear what your view on the message of this cartoon is.

My view on this cartoon:
Obviously this is an exaggeration of the problem we face in convincing the senior leaders within business to sign on to Sustainability / CSR best practice. But I feel that we also need to be as direct as possible with these senior leaders to show them that Sustainability / CSR best practice is proving to also contribute to the bottom line of businesses. This is the language they will understand for sure. Some leaders also understand the ‘schmoozing’ Sustainability / CSR talk but definitely not the majority.

This cartoon also reminds me a little bit of some parts of the #csrdebate several weeks ago. One the one side argues as the Sustainability advocate and on the other as the sceptic.

But back to my original question: What is your view on the message of this cartoon?

A big thank you to polyp to let me use this cartoon.

Taking a break until the end of September

It is that time of the year again……HOLIDAYS!

I will be on holiday from Wednesday the 8th until the 25th. During that time I will not blog (which is hard believe me!) and throughly enjoy the time with the family and being on a very small island of the southwestern Danish coast called Fanø.

See you all after the 25th again!

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Should we care about what Bjorn Lomborg is saying? No, not really!

Do you remember the Danish professor Bjorn Lomborg? He rose to questionable stardom in the Climate Change world as a Climate Change skeptic with his book “The skeptical environmentalist” and has been a prolific person in this field ever since.

This week he announced a u-turn in his opinion whether Climate Change is happening or not.

Headline: Bjørn Lomborg: $100bn a year needed to fight climate change
‘Sceptical environmentalist’ and critic of climate scientists to declare global warming a chief concern facing world.

This is the article in the Guardian.

The reaction so far
The reaction so far to his change in point of view has been mostly negative. What is he intending to tell us? From what I can see of the articles I read about this recent announcement people are just surprised about his change of mind.

My view
I have been amazed how much attention this story has received over the past days. Far too much attention for my taste.

So should we care about this at all?

My suggestion is: Absolutely not. Let him do his thing. What this is, is nothing more than marketing of an individual that does not have the science in mind just the publicity. All of this can be very damaging for anyone advocating action to tackle Climate Change and everyone working in the Sustainability field.

In a way I always liked his viewpoint as a Climate Change skeptic. It brought some new ways of looking at the issue of Climate Change to the table. Something refreshing. But this latest publicity stunt is is too much for me. Let’s forget about his latest book and move on to tackle the problems of Climate Change by not focusing on publicity and profiling but the issues we need to solve today.

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