Back in the New Year

2009 – What an amazing year.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that visited, commented and subscribed to my blog over the course of this year. I will be back posting articles next week. Until then I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

And make sure that you take the time today to make your list of things you want to achieve in 2010. I found that this kind of list really helps to guide you during the tough times of the upcoming year.

2010 – Here we come!

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Merry Christmas to Everyone

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. My family and I are celebrating Christmas together in Germany this year. A first for the complete family in one place. I hope all of you will have a great Christmas Season no matter where you are.

All the best,


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After Copenhagen: Key Questions to Answer and the Possible Way Forward

I believe that most of us are disappointed that the Copenhagen Climate Change conference did not deliver more then the so called Copenhagen Accord.

This outcome in my opinion will have an effect on the Sustainability professional and movement as a whole.

Todays post is about the key questions everyone in the Sustainability movement now needs to be able to answer and what a possible way forward could be from my point of view. There are more questions to answer on a more detailed basis obviously but I believe everyone working or participating in the Sustainability sector will have to find answers to and draw consequences from these following questions.

Key Questions we now need to be able to answer
1) What credibility does the Sustainability movement have left now that the bare minimum consensus was reached in Copenhagen and not much to follow up on?
2) What are the next steps to tackle Climate Change? Should we just simply wait and trust in our leaders to come up with a solution? We are always saying that we have little time left to slow down Climate Change. If we will have reached the tipping point at around 2015 what will our time line be now?
3) How much do we want to rely on our politicians to get us out of this mess we are in?

The possible way forward
I am a practical and forward looking person. So what is our way forward realistically?

Lets put it this way. We have no other choice but to work constructively and with as many people as possible to find a way forward now.

Now you might say: ”Yes sure, we have done that before and it did not work.”  My answer to that would be. that we have not tried hard enough. We need to do more, be louder and more professional to include as many people as possible to spread the word, make a difference and help others to be more confident to understand us better and support the Sustainability movement.

We simply have not been effective enough to work together across different professions and cultures to get through to the key decision makers that still have the last word.

Radical Activism will not help
Another aspect of our possible way forward is that radical activism will not help the progress of the Sustainability movement and the goal to slow down Climate Change. Many people I have talked to expects more radical activism now since in the the eyes of the radicals the result was an absolute disaster.

Working constructively is the only way to reach these key decision makers and nothing else. This is what we now need to figure out together over the course of the next months and then build up to the next key decision point in our quest to make the world a better place.

I am very positive about this and our future as a whole but we where unsuccessful once and we need to make sure that we are successful next time and all work together to promote Sustainability and slow down Climate Change.

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The Result in Copenhagen

Todays post will be a rather short one as I am still in the States but back in the UK on Monday.

We have all been looking to Copenhagen to get a result that will change the direction our world is going at the moment with regards to Climate Change.

The reactions so far are really not good or mixed to say the least. I have summarized my opinion and some links to the most relevant reactions as I see them. This is the link to the news item on the

This is what I thought of the result (from my news post):

“This result is not good enough. We needed a result that initiated change to curb carbon emissions and showed that we as humans can work together to secure the future of us all. This has not happened and we are left with a result that does not satisfy anyone.

What are we left with now dear world leaders? As the Brazilian president Lula da Silva said yesterday. “This conference is not a game where you can hide cards up your sleeves. If we just wait until our partners place their bets and discover we will be too late, we will all be loser”. And he is absolutely right and unfortunately everyone hid their cards and did not act but rather decided to wait and do not nothing. And this leaves us with absolutely nothing. A very sad day for all Sustainability professionals and people that believe that we need to take care of our planet.”

I will post a more extensive post in the next few days but let me know what you think oif the result and how this might effect you and your outlook into the future with regards to Climate Change.

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A Sustainable Future: Our Cultural Common Denominator

The recent Copenhagen Climate Change Conference talks have one clear message other then the obvious agreement on Climate Change targets. The cultural differences and similarities of all of us make it really hard to come to an agreement. Especially if this agreement will have long term effects and involves compromises such as tackling Climate Change.

Why is that? Well because all cultures across the globe are different and finding a common denominator if you do not know each other personally really well is really hard work sometimes.

A planet full of different cultures
So lets us remind our selves how man different cultures we have on our planet as per Wikipedia. I am not totally sure about the numbers but we have many different cultures. There are so many different cultures that it will be hard to find similarities between all of them other then that we are all living on one planet right?

Common denominator: The basic need for economic prosperity and security
Well, there is really one key thread that runs through all the cultures in my opinion. And that is that all cultures are all looking to have a prosperous economy and a secure environment to live in. This means continuous economic growth, no poverty/diseases and obviously no war. Just the possibility of living a normal life really.

But the recent changes in our climate and and natural environment in general has in my opinion shown us a new common denominator: Achieving Sustainability
But not everyone has realized and accepted this new global culture denominator.

Achieving Sustainability is our new common denominator
My point here in this post is that we need to promote all aspects of Sustainability as our basic cultural common denominator and that we need to take a step back from our cultural constraints/differences that we feel are the norm for us and look to strengthen this common denominator in order to help us further on the patch towards living a more sustainable existence on our planet.

I know that this is easy to say but I have been lucky enough to experience the way many cultures see and promote Sustainability. This is definitely a very strong possible bond between us.

Our cultures are unique and they help us to make sense of our surroundings and let us feel part of a greater community. But we need to work hard to preserve this. Being more sustainable is part of this responsibility and we need to work together to keep our way of life and adapt.

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