Using Scribd to find useful Sustainability publications

Todays post is one of my weekly resources posts again.

I don’t know whether you ever got the chance to take a closer look at Scribd but there are some interesting resources and publications for free on there.

What is Scribd?
Here is what the website says: “Scribd is the largest social publishing company in the world, the Website where tens of millions of people each month publish and discover original writings and documents.” And they really have publications for everyones interest.

I have had a closer look and I believe that there is also value for the Sustainability professionals to use this platform.

Here are there interesting pieces of information on CSR and Sustainability which you might useful.

A guide to CSR in Europe

Sustainability in Coal Mining Operations

The Seven Sins of Greenwashing

Has anyone else got experience in using Scribd? Would be interesting to know what you think about it.

Video: A little reminder why it is worth saving our planet

Everyone needs reminders once in a while. So if you want to relax and see beautiful pictures of our earth to remind you again what is out there that needs to be saved then sit back and relax and watch this video.

Sustainability from Peter Corbett on Vimeo.

Sustainability Activist, Influencer or Observer? What are you?

What kind of Sustainability person are you? The question I wanted to pose to you today is whether you believe you are an Activist, Influencer or Observer when you are looking to promote Sustainability? ( I am assuming that you care about our planet, responsible business practice i.e. Sustainability because you are reading this).

I feel that this differentiation is very important in the context of Sustainability and making a difference in this world to change it for the better. Each of these three categories imply positives and negatives in my opinion and I have outlined what I mean with each of these categories below:

Activists are people that are especially active, vigorous advocates of a sustainability cause. They do what they say in a way that is not always acceptable for the general public.  They shock or break the laws in order to get attention for the cause they are support. This can be positive or negative depending of the persons viewpoint. Activism is very controversial and highly sensible. Do not get me wrong. We need activists but they have a certain extremism which many people can not relate to easily. Examples obviously include the Green NGO’s such as Greenpeace, etc in this world.

Influencer’s are people that are a compelling force on their specific topic areas. Their actions, opinions and standpoints effect our behavior directly in the way that we have a close bonding to this person right away or after a short period of time. This is the clear difference to the the activist. Influencer are moderate and measured. I make us change behavior. For a classic example of an influencer in the Sustainability is Al Gore. He did not settle for a fancy post in an organization somewhere after we lost against Bush but traveled the world to promote his message of saving the planet and to raise awareness about Climate Change. His presentations about the progress of climate change stick in your head and you are able to take away the aspects that help you change your behavior. A true influencer.

Is someone that observes from a distance and does not really get involved and does not participate. We are all observers when we get to know a topic. But once we know about it we have a choice. Either to dive deeper into the information or to move on. I have once read (sorry no source) that 97% of the population are observers.

Question: Who are you? How do you see yourself?
I am definitely a influencer. Or at least this is what I am trying to be. But this is not about me but the message of this post is that we need more influencers in this world. We have enough activists and just to many observers. Influencers are the ones that really have the largest leverage to make change happen in this situation we are in globally.

So if you think you are an observer then please take a moment to reflect and visualize where your passion is with regards to Sustainability. Once you have figured that out then it will be a lot easier to be become an influencer. Passion empowers you to move forward and this is what an influencer and the activist need to do. They do not stand still but move forward and change it. Observing doesn’t get us anywhere so please join me to be an influencer and help us secure our future.

Picture Credit: HaPe_Gera

My Top 5 Sustainability News this Week – 23.10.2009

This is another edition of you Friday afternoon news of the week list. I have been reading a lot news items but these where particularly interesting this week.

Enjoy and have a great weekend everyone.

My Top 5 Sustainability News this week:

  • Attraction To ‘Do Good’ Brands Is Escalating – According to this global survey of 6,000 people in 10 countries, 57% say a brand has earned their business because of its works supporting social causes: From MediaPost
  • Two-Thirds of American New Media Users Feel They Can Influence Business Practices by Voicing Opinions Online: From CSR Wire
  • Copenhagen climate talks are last chance, says Gordon Brown UK’s Chancellor: From the Guardian

Picture Credit: lumaxart

Using LinkedIn Answers to promote Sustainability

Todays post is a resource post about LinkedIn Answers and the potential to promote Sustainability.

I have only just started to use LinkedIn Answers but I think the potential for sharing knowledge by being a platform for asking questions on Sustainability and getting answers to them from professionals is really enormous.

So what is LinkedIn Answers about?

The biggest benefit from LinkedIn Answers really is that you can get fast, accurate answers from your network and other experts worldwide and that you are able to showcase your knowledge, expertise, and interests by answering questions.

This is the look and feel of the interface:

This sharing of knowledge by question and answer is especially important in the context of Sustainability. Sharing the knowhow and information individuals have is essential to pool the best practice and innovation for our fight to save the planet and our way of living. Sounds important I know but we need to everything no matter how small it may seem to make an impact.

Next to connecting with likeminded people to share information and knowledge, the LinkedIn Answers platform can also serve as place for where we can answer Sustainability critics (if they will ask a question of course) that are doubting the usefulness of Sustainability. LinkedIn Answers is not the place for a full online discussion obviously but this might be a good information source for practitioners to point colleagues/critics to if they have a question about certain Sustainability topics.

You need to have registered with LinkedIn in order to answer questions but I believe everyone in the Sustainability business sector should have a a LinkedIn account and profile in any case.

All the links you will need:

This is the main LinkedIn Answers website: LinkedIn Answers Main Page

LinkedIn Answers Sustainability: Sustainability

This is the link to the tutorial if you want to get started on LinkedIn Answers: Tuturial

One last note
Just to be clear on this. I am by no means affiliated with LinkedIn and I am not doing any business with them. For me it is important to share this information for the benefit of all and to promote Sustainability.