Responsible Business Practice Terminology: The Normal Chaos or Total Confusion?

Last week I started a poll on the question what you thought would be the best term for responsible business practice.

In total we had 117 votes with a result which was surprising to see in my opinion.

The most popular term with a total of 25 votes was Corporate Responsibility (CR) (21%) followed by Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) (21 votes, 18%), then Corporate Sustainability (19 votes, 16%), Corporate Citizenship (18 votes, 15%) and Sustainability with 14 votes and 12%.

Here are the results in a pie chart format:

So what can we take away from this result?

One point is crystal clear in my opinion. Responsible business practice is still being associated with too many different terms.

I think there are two different interpretations of this result:

Good development: This is good as it shows that different people and cultures have different terms to express responsible business practice. And different terms do not mean different things for these people just that companies need to be more responsible.

Confusion: This is not a good development as the usage of so many different terms just confuses everyone. This result is a sign of this.
In order to limit this confusion one or at most two terms should be the preferred terms to be associated with responsible business practice.

I personally only use the term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability but this seems to vary most individuals and therefore believe that the second interpretation is more fitting.

Maybe this is a good thing as well? I am not so sure.

What do you think about these results? How do interpret them?

Video: Dell on their Sustainability Reporting

This is another video I thought was worth sharing with everyone.

The subject is the Sustainability Reporting of Dell.

I believe that this one part of the new kind of stakeholder communication companies are now starting to practice.

Stakeholder communication has and will further evolve into multifaceted communication and engagement campaigns that mostly center around social networking and community sites such as YouTube to get the word out and encourage a dialogue on the topics the companies want to address.

What is your opinion about this video? Do you think it is convincing?

Video: Visionary Architecture for a Sustainable Future

Today I would like to recommend another video I have come across when I browsed

This video has this title: Bjarke Ingels: 3 warp-speed architecture tales.

About this video: Danish architect Bjarke Ingels rockets through photo/video-mingled stories of his eco-flashy designs. His buildings not only look like nature — they act like nature: blocking the wind, collecting solar energy — and creating stunning views.

All in all this is an amazing, funny and futuristic talk from a visionary architect. Take the time to watch it and you will have a good idea of how sustainable living in the future could look like. Enjoy.

Two Interesting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Presentations

I have been browsing SlideShare today again and found 2 interesting presentations on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that might be of use to some of you. Enjoy!