Video: Did You Know?

The week is drawing to a close and wanted to share this video with all of you. I have been sharing videos more often now on my blog but this is different. It is different in that sense that is isn’t really about Sustainability but more about some of the most astonishing facts in our current world, society, technology and around other topics.


Poll: CSR just a Management Fashion?

I will now start weekly polls on some Sustainability and CSR topics. I always wanted to do to polls on a more regular basis and then blog about it. So I thought, why not start this week? So I did.

This week’s poll will be on the following question:

The poll is closing on Saturday and I will write a blog entry about the result the following week.

Please participate (no registration required) and feel free to make suggestions for some future polls.

THIS POLL IS NOW CLOSED. Please visit this post to see the results:

See the Rainforests Breathe

Today’s post is another great video on Climate Change. But this time something different.
Modern technology has enabled us to monitor many aspects of climate change but this video shows 1 month of the global climate in 25 seconds.

Take a look and let me know what you think. One tip: Look at the Amazon rainforest or the rainforest in Africa. You can see them breathe. Amazing.

Recap of the Week and some Sustainability News

This week has been a good week. I was able to connect with many interesting people in the Sustainability and CSR field and all projects have moved forward at a good pace.
But the holiday season is approaching fast here in the UK so I am expecting the next few weeks to be rather quit business-wise. Which is also a good thing. It will give me an opportunity to dive into Social Media even more and see how it can be used to promote Sustainability and CSR even more.

Here are some interesting Sustainability and CSR news items from this week: News

Other interesting news:

Have a good weekend everyone.

CSR and Sustainabilty News – July Week 2

This is another edition of my news wrap up of the some of the most interesting CSR and Sustainability news I either posted on my news section this week or I have come across on other websites.

CSR and Sustainability news from

Other interesting CSR and Sustainability news:

Have a good weekend everyone.

Picture Credit: lumaxart