The Latest Sustainability /CSR Reports – June 2009

The last 3 weeks have been packed with the publication of many Sustainability / CSR Reports. Here I some I came across and found interesting:

  • Verizon (North American Telecoms Company)
  • Infosys (Business Consulting, IT Systems and Outcourcing Company)
  • Ford (I guess there is no need to tell you who Ford is)
  • Siemens (Germany-based global technology company)
  • Aracruz Cellulose (Global leader in eucalyptus pulb – very resource intensive)
  • BCE (Canadas largest communications company)
  • ST Microelectronics (Producer of semiconductor products)
  • Coca-Cola Hellenic (One of the largest bottlers and vendors of Coca-Cola company’s products in the world)
  • Orange (a large Telecommunication company based in Europe)
  • Lufthansa (Global Airline)
  • BAA (Owner of a lot of Airports across the globe)
  • Enel SpA (Italian Energy Company)
  • Xstrata (Global Mining Company)
  • Vodafone (One of the largest telecommunication companies globally)

Have I missed any? All feedback welcomed.

People I follow on Twitter – CSR News

This is the next part in the “People I follow in Twitter“ series I started several weeks ago.

Today’s post is about the people or better in this case, the organizations I follow to when I am looking for news relating to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The following list is a good mix of interesting organizations and websites.

CSR News on Twitter

  • Apesphere: A good all around news website on sustainability and CSR topics
  • CSR Wire: One of the most important CSR News agencies

If you feel that I have missed someone that provides equally good information on CSR News please feel free to suggest them here.

Social Media and Stakeholder Engagement: The times are changing

I am a member of a lot of social networks. Most of them are on Sustainability and related topics.

This week was particularity interesting as a intensively debated discussion on the Just Means network caught my attention. This discussion focused around the responsible business practices of Shell.

Here is the direct link and screenshot of some of the detailed discussion:

This discussion in itself is nothing extraordinary.

What I feel is a lot more interesting is that someone contacted Shell in order to invite them to comment. And they DECLINED (see below).

This wasn’t really a good decision from Shell in my opinion. Even though most likely nothing will come from this discussion about Shell this kind of stakeholder pressure will become much more common practice in the next few years. Social Media will be the big new challenge for Sustainability and Communication departments.

And I am really looking forward to it as this will mean that companies need to engage more!

What do you think? Any opinions or comments?

A powerful Climate Change Video: Act now!

Here is another excellent example of how a video can be very effective in bringing a simple message across in a very powerful way.

If you are looking for the ultimate video to show to the Climate Change and Global Warming sceptics in your life then show them this clip:

I know whom I will show this for sure. Maybe then they will finally get it that we need to ACT NOW to save our planet.