Update And Some Interesting News Items Of This Week

Yesterday has been a really good day. It seems to me that the last few months have just gone by like the wind. Crazy. But yesterday was the first day where I felt that change is in sight and I can finally move on to tackle new challenges and focus on the goals I have set myself.

In any case. Here is a brief update of what I have been up to in the last few weeks:

  • Finishing up a major Sustainability project for a client
  • Preparing to launch the new and improved SustainabilityForum.com
  • Moving into the new house here in the UK
  • Growing my Twitter network to get to know more like-minded people from across the globe.

All in all……very busy. But that’s a ‘good’ busy. 🙂

I will also have time over the next few weeks to post more which I am really happy about.

As a consequence today’s post will continue with my the weekly Top 3 news items. This has always been popular with my readers, so I will continue with it of course.

Top 3 News Items This Week

Interestingly enough are two of the top three news items about the importance of Sustainability/Corporate Responsibility during the recession. Very encouraging trend in my opinion when everyone is talking about cost cuts, layoffs, etc.

Why Corporate Responsibility is a survivor
Good article in the Financial Times on how Corporate Responsibility will not be put aside and labeled a “management fashion” during the recession. It is already much more then that.

Don’t Give Up Sustainability Now Or You’ll Pay Later
A very informative article on the journey of investing in Sustainability. A good read.

No new coal without CCS in the UK, says government
The UK foreign minister David Miliband announces that all new coal plants will have to demonstrate carbon capture capabilities. Lets wait and see whether they will stick with being so positive about CCS.

Sustainability Reporting Season 2009 – A First Look

The 2009 Sustainability Reporting season is gaining momentum. More and more companies now start to publish their Sustainability Reports looking back at their hot topics, strategy, goals and key performance indicators of 2008.

That is why I started to have a closer look at some Sustainability Reports and listed the most interesting reports here today.

Here are the most interesting Sustainability Reports I have seen during 2009 so far:

Next to the short print report Microsoft has most of its information on the Web. A good move in my opinion. Link to the Report

Interesting report with some useful case studies. Link to the Report

Novo Nordisk
The ever-green in the Sustainability reporting world has delivered another good report. Link to the Report

Standard Chartered
Interesting report with a good overview on the relevant topics of this UK-based bank. Link to the Report

Very informative and colorful report. Worth checking out. Link to the Report

Picture Credit: kate e. did