The Wednesday Sustainability News Update

It is a Wednesday evening and the middle of a busy consulting week here in Germany and I finally found the time today to catch up on the latest Sustainability developments of this week.

This will also be the purpose of this post. Was there anything interesting in terms of Sustainability news this week?

Short answer: Not much unfortunately. Companies do not publish anything of interest during January it seems.

So far the headlines are still dominated by Barack Obama and his first actions for tackling Climate Change.

One interesting story might be that Nicolas Stern is opening up his own UK climate research centre. Good news but not really exciting in my opinion.

Another noteworthy news item was that Denmark is launching its own electric car network in the next few years. The company that was awarded the contract will be developing the sophisticated plug-in car infrastructure across Denmark. Lets wait and see but this definitely sounds like a good plan by the Danes again.

But that was really it from this week so far. A typical January week in my opinion.

Have a good rest of the week everyone.


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My Top Sustainability News Stories of the Week – 23.01.2009

I could not really end this week without another post on my top Sustainability news.

So here are three choices of interesting Sustainability stories from this week.

The first is about investment in sustainability or green initiatives, the second about the future of the utilities sector and the final news item on the latest research on the state of the Amazon rain forest deforestation. A pretty diverse selection but interesting news items in my opinion.

Happy browsing.

While Everything Else Stops, Green Still Means Go

Despite the economy, investment in short term green initiatives is still going strong as companies realize how quickly they can cut costs through efficiency projects. Interesting article.

Ten Predictions for the Utility Industry

Energy efficiency will become the “first fuel” choice for electric utilities, according to a list of Top 10 Predictions for the North American Utility Industry, published by Rick Nicholson, vice president of research at Energy Insights.

Group: Amazon deforestation drops sharply

Deforestation in the Amazon dropped sharply in late 2008, a Brazilian environmental group said Friday. The government credited improved law enforcement, but environmentalists say a slowing economy likely contributed. Good news for the Amazon finally.

Busy Weeks, Property Search and Barack Obama

It is the weekend again and I can not believe how fast the week has passed me by. It seems like yesterday that I woke up to start the week in a productive way.

In any case. A lot has happened during this week. Here are some highlights:

  • I had a very productive meeting with our website designer for the new Still a lot of work to do but we are getting there eventually.
  • I finally met Mark Seall in person on Tuesday. Great guy. Hopefully we will still do a lot of work together now and in the future to come..
  • Had a very successful client week with a very important meeting on Thursday. It has been a good week indeed.

This weekend Anne and I went to view several properties in the London commuter belt. One interesting property stands out at the moment. But lets wait and see whether we could be able to rent this house. Strangely enough was the rent raised by 20% on the day we viewed it. Raised? In this weak property market? Very strange indeed. We really want a change of location but it also needs to offer value for money. This is key. Otherwise are we staying where we are.

This week will be a busy one again. I am off to Germany today again (currently waiting for the flight at the airport while writing this post) to see another client tomorrow and will fly back on Tuesday to spend the rest of the week in London.

My highlight of the week will be the inauguration of the Barack Obama in Washington. I hope this will be a great day. A day for America to kick off its new age of being a true and just power in the world again. The past 8 years were mostly wasted years but we now need to forget the past and concentrate on the future. Our Global Future. I am not an American but I hope that Barack Obama will become more then just an American president. I hope he will be a global leader for change.

Have a good week everyone.


Selected Sustainability and CSR Jobs – 13.01.2009

The New Year usually brings with it new opportunities in your private and work environment. I have just finished adding some more interesting new Sustainability /CSR job onto the website. Maybe your opportunity of 2009 is to find a new work challenge. You never know.

Here are some of the ones that where added to the forum if you are interested in a new work-life challenge.

UK: Traceability Managers for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

The MSC is looking for a resourceful professional who can balance your robust understanding and substantial experience of commercial supply chains with the standard setting environment.

UK: Corporate Responsibility Manager T-Mobile UK

Work as a Corporate Responsibility Manager for one of the leading mobile phone providers.

US: Director / Engagement Manager Location: Washington, DC

The primary role of the Engagement Manager is to manage the development of emission reduction projects, particularly in the mining sector.

UK: Marie Stopes International – Regional Director West Africa and Latin America

The candidate will manage and lead the sub-regional team, developing MSI’s social business across the region, maintaining and developing positive partner, donor and government relationships.

US: Manager, Ethics Office for PNC Financial Services Group

As Manager of the Ethics Office, you will work directly with the Chief Ethics Officer where you will be responsible for providing management oversight and support of key Corporate Ethics Office initiatives, programs, and activities to achieve objectives of PNC’s Ethics program.

The Sustainability Officers New Years Resolution – My Version

I assume most you have done some New Year resolutions for 2009.
Todays post is about the individual points of the New Years resolution of every Sustainability officer in a company.
In other words: What would I see as important for the Sustainability officer in a company to aim for in 2009 to drive Sustainability.

Sustainability Officer New Year Resolutions Points:

  1. Do not grumble about the recession. Sustainability initiatives can be done with a limited amount of money as well. Even with very little funds. You need a committed bunch of people that engage with others.
  2. Do not find an excuse for doing nothing just because your colleagues think that this is not worth the effort being a Change Agent with your organization. They are wrong.
  3. Talk to other people in or outside of your industry to exchange best practice. Learning how other people tackle this problem will make you smarter and better prepared for the future.
  4. Use social media (after coordination with your IT department) to make your opinion and initiatives heard. You do not need huge budgets to do that when you do it right.
  5. Ask your local government representative to help you with your work or initiative. Local authorities and local government need to do more with regards to Sustainability and they need to hear from you the Sustainability representative what your business is doing to make the world a better place.
  6. Start to talk to colleagues about your work and how passionate you are about it. This will help you to strengthen the awareness within your organization and will make your job even more enjoyable.
  7. Be nicer to you family members (This might not help you on the topic of Sustainability but it will definitely make your life easier).
  8. Be different then the normal employees. Stand out of the crowd and have an opinion. You can not be friends with everyone so just be the best you can be.
  9. Enjoy every day and be proud of yourself. You are have one of the most exciting and fulfilling jobs in the world.

This is what I would see as interesting New Years resolutions. They are very tough resolutions but I am sure every single one of them will make your life easier as the Sustainability officer within your organization.

Picture Credit: Zeitkunst