New Sustainability Jobs Added To The Forum – 27.11.2008

Just finished adding some more interesting new Sustainability/CSR jobs to the website.

These are some of the current vacancies I added if you are interested in jobs in the Sustainability/CSR field.

Salaries In The Sustainability And CSR Sector

If you are working in the Sustainability / CSR sector then the you might have experienced the problem of getting reliable salary information for jobs in this sector.

Acre Resources, a recruitment agency in London/UK, realized this and started the so called CSR Salary Survey last year. This survey was only UK wide but still provided very useful sector salary information.

This survey was such a success that this year Acre Resources is looking to build on this information and is looking to get an even clearer picture of the changes that occurred in CSR sector in the last 12 months.

Here are some interesting factoids from the last survey:


  • Median salary range was £40-60,000
  • 8% of respondents earned £100k or more with 5% of respondents earning £100k+ and £25k+ bonuses
  • Consultants less well paid on average than those working elsewhere and lower salaries not offset by larger bonuses


Responses split roughly 50:50 between male and female but…
… disproportionately more women in lowest pay bands and fewer in highest


Overwhelmingly concentrated in London and SE

Career history

  • 56% switched from another role
  • Only 5% stated this was their first job
  • Overall, two thirds of respondents in current role for three years or less


Two thirds had a first degree (with 21% in CR related discipline) and just under half had masters/PhD (30% CR related)

If you would like to participate in the new survey then please visit the CSR Salary Website.

Two Great Climate Change Presentations

Climate Change might be put out of the global attention spotlight by the recent financial crisis but this does no mean that we should turn a blind eye to what we need to change in our ways.

We should all know what where are facing and how we can can change our ways. Here are therefore two great presentations on the topic of Climate Change. Please disregard the typo in the first presentation. It still a great presentation.

Climate Change Actions

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: bcs effect)

Busy November Days

I am currently sitting in the waiting area of the Luton Airport waiting to bord a flight to Hamburg, Germany and I just noticed that I did not do a Lifestream post during the past two weeks.

So what has happened over the past two weeks?

In short: A lot as always.

Here is the extended version sorted by current activities (business and private):

  • Two weeks ago one of my major projects really kicked of in terms of workload and time commitment. This project has really taken a lot of my time over the past weeks. Especially  after one of the project managers fell ill 2 weeks ago and I had to jump in to fill the gap.
  • I also had to travel to Germany last Sunday for that project. I choose to travel by car as I needed to have some repairs done on my old faithful Ford Focus. Traveling by car meant that a both ways 6 hour journey by plane then took me 2 full days traveling time (numerous traffic jams included).
  • The website development has also not been totally on time the past 2 weeks. This is mainly due to some personal changes in the programmers team and issues with the Content Management System (CMS). I hope this is sorted out this week.
  • We also had several friends visiting us over the last couple of weeks. It is was really great to finally have time to catch up on old and new stories. This week a special old friend made the journey to London for an extended weekend and we really enjoyed the last few days. Friends are really important and life can be very lonely without good friends.

All in all have the past two weeks been very interesting and eventful. But my experience of the past few years has been that these weeks in November and early December are especially busy weeks. Everyone seems to either start or finish a project, do end of the year client visits, etc. People seem to work harder then they usually do during other parts of the year. I assume this is similar to the typical “Oh my God is it already Friday work mentality” in business. On a Friday I always feel that a lot of people need to sort out their unfinished tasks of the week. I get a lot more calls and emails from people on the Friday then any other time during the week.

Maybe this is just me but I seem to see a correlation.

I am in Hamburg all of this week but I am already looking forward to the flight back on Friday evening. Don’t get me wrong I love my work but family is family. And life without your family and some good friends is like food without spices………Just boring and colorless.

On that note, have a good week everyone and lets get „November Busy“!

Kind Regards,

Top 5 Sustainability & CSR News Stories this week – 21.11.2008

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. It has been an extremely busy week. Nevertheless have I been reading some interesting stories this week. The most interesting articles make it into my weekly top 5 list.
This week my favourite in terms of topical area is the article on nuclear power as I believe that our decision whether to invest in nuclear power is a decision of great significance for our sustainable future. I also really liked the Al Gore’s article on Sustainable Capitalism in the WSJ.
Take a look and let me know what you think by commenting below.

My Top 5 Sustainability/CSR News Stories this week:

British Energy chief: “We can’t meet our climate change obligations without nuclear”

Nuclear operator claim plans for four new reactors need to be accelerated. If you like it or not we need to find a solution on the nuclear debate soon. One way or the other. Our time runs out.

Size matters: Long CSR reports win most green gongs

Longer corporate responsibility reports are more likely to win companies an environmental gong but they are still packed with greenwash and vague references to terminology such as ’sustainability’.

We Need Sustainable Capitalism

Nature does not do bailouts. An article by Al Gore.

Yahoo! Study Finds Growing Green Market

The drive to sustainability is having a broad effect on consumers, with three in four defining themselves as “green,” according to a new survey by Yahoo!.

Green Building Could Triple by 2013 – Report

The U.S. green building market is accelerating at a dramatic rate. The value of green building construction starts was up five-fold from 2005 to 2008 (from $10 billion to $36-$49 billion), and could triple by 2013, reaching $96-$140 billion, according to a new report.

Picture Credit: huntz