Use Twitter – It Is Part Of The Future Of Networking

One of the lasting trends in social media in my opinion is the use of Twitter as a networking tool. Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.

Why is that? Well because through Twitter you can easily build and increase your network, connect to friends and colleagues and last but not least drive visitors to your site. Here are some tips on how I use Twitter.

This is how I use Twitter.

  • I provide useful and short information on the profile page. Do not write more then 4 lines in the profile. Be short and sweet.
  • Have a nice and friendly picture of you. Comic avatars are nice but you need to do all you can to bridge the gap of anonymity as best as possible. So use a picture of yourself if possible.
  • Either be totally professional or crazy in the look and feel of your Twitter profile. In my opinion nothing in between works. I have chosen to focus on the professional look. Meaning nothing fancy and information first. Some others like the cool look like Jake Marsh and others. You decide.
  • Always provide daily updates on what you are doing. Twitter is all about continuous updates. No matter how unimportant for you. Your followers want to know what you are up to. So let them participate.
  • Try to provide something that is of value to your followers. Provide a comment ot a news story, news links, etc. But make sure to always include a link to the story you comment on.
  • Use the TinyURL format for links. This makes it easier for readers to follow you links and it is a lot better to look at.
  • When you are starting of try to find Twitter users that are in the similar area of work as you. Then follow them. This will help you to get noticed and get more
  • If you are looking to for users that have updates that include the topics you are interested then the best way to go forward would be to use the Twitter search function at This is a really useful tool. I use it a lot.

That is it for now. Please let me know whether you have any other ways on how to use Twitter. I am open to all further ideas.

Fabian on Twitter

Wedding Number 3 And the End Of A Busy Week

Yes I know. Not another wedding post. But yes of course. Wedding number three in August is up next. We are going to Germany tomorrow to join one of my old school friends for his wedding. This time we are going by car, not plane.
My week so far has been very successful again. I only had two full days but these two days brought good progress and important decisions have been made.
I will provide more detail on these decisions once I am allowed to so bear with me for a few more weeks.
I have written another blog post yesterday on the SustainabilityBlog,org. This post is on the topic of renewable energy and the way companies are on the look out for the solution that suits them best. Take a look if you like. eWaste Article

In this wedding spirit let us enjoy the nice picture on the right had side. Wouldn’t you like to have a bite (if it is marzipan of course)? I just loved the picture that is why included it here.
I will be back on Sunday for a full week of week and no more weddings in the next weeks I hope.

All the best,


Tackling the problem of eWaste within an organisation

More and more technology companies are being targeted by NGOs and other interest groups on their environmental protection and electronics recycling. The latest was Samsung targeted by the Electronics TakeBack Coalition.

Other companies like Sharp, Toshiba, Visio, and other TV have also been targeted in the recent months.

But where to start?

Here are some resources to start with:
For the US:
For the UK: Waste Online
Wikipedia on eWaste
How to recycle eWaste on

So what does that mean for the Corporate Responsibility representative in the company in practical terms?

  1. Make sure your company has an eWaste strategy
  2. Involve more people in raising the problem of eWaste
  3. Start with your eWaste in your office and set an example. How do you recycle in your department?
  4. Connect with other companies on that topic. Maybe you could get some new ideas and answers to some related topics.

Do you have any more questions? Then feel free to get in touch.

Very Good Meeting And Another Nice Wedding

Our wedding yesterday was really fun but a little to long in my opinion. We came back very late or may I say early. But it was great to see a lot of our friends and be part of a classic German wedding for a change. Photos will follow once I am back in the UK on Tuesday.

The meeting on Thursday went really well. We had a good open and frank discussion of ways to work together. Something I expected and I wasn’t disappointed. I will reflect a little about the outcomes of this meeting and see where this leads me.

I will now get back to enjoy the weekend (although I love writing blog entries as you can see) but stay tuned for more updates. Next week will have another social media post as well as a CSR related entry.


Hamburg For A Day And A Wedding After That

I am off to fly to Hamburg/Germany today. I have an important meeting there tomorrow morning. Please keep your fingers crossed for a positive outcome. This meeting is a significant influencing factor for my short and mid term business future. I will report back on Tuesday of next week on the outcome. So stay tuned.
After that meeting I am heading to Flensburg after I have met up with Anne to attend a friends wedding on Friday. This is our second wedding this month and there is one more to go after this one. I will post some pictures next week.
On the business front this week has been very successful and productive so far. So no complains there. I had a lot of interesting conversations with all sorts of people across the globe and I was able to spend some time on expanding my online networks on Xing and LinkedIn. But to be perfectly honest, I am looking forward to the time when everyone is back from their holidays. There is not much going on here in London.
I also published another blog post on today on Sustainability and CSR communications is you are interested.

So keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow everyone.

All the best,