Wedding in Copenhagen and a long weekend ahead

Anne and I are off to a wedding in Copenhagen this weekend. Two of our best friends are getting married. Rado and Marie got to know each other during our university time and it is so great that they are now getting married.
And it will also be great to be in back in our old home town Copenhagen. I am looking forward to have a stroll in the city (without Annes most certain regular shopping distractions of course!) and then being able to just walk five minutes from the city centre and sit and relax at the beautiful seaside harbor (See picture). It really beautiful in Copenhagen and we still love to go back to revisit.

This week was a very productive week again and had a great finish with three good meetings today across various parts of London.

We will be back on Monday evening so I am finishing of the week one day early and start it one week late. Now that’s what I call a long weekend.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Summer has finally arrived in the UK

I guess we have all been waiting for this for quite a while now but the summer has finally arrived in the UK as well.
This past week has been really nice in terms of weather and has been very busy when it comes to work.
I flew to Germany on Monday and came back to London on Wednesday evening. The German meeting was very productive and may lead to more later in the year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Thursday was mostly spent on the phone or Skype respectively. I think I had something like 10 conference calls. I stopped counting at some point.
These where the highlights:

  • Three articles by TSWN members where put online
  • I published the interview with Novo Nordisk
  • Registered the domain

I will be in London all of the upcoming week and Anne and I are off to Copenhagen for a wedding on Friday.

All the best,

A week to remember

This week has been an amazing week so far. Of course there is the weekend still to come.

These are the highlights of what happened this week:

  • The Sustainability Writers Network (TSWN) is taking shape and I was able to recruit 10 more great writers. I will write more about this network next week.
  • I have been to two great MeetUps here in London and connected to many great people.
  • Connected to Kevin Long the COO of JustMeans. Great guy.
  • Got another call with a request for a consulting pitch next week.
  • The got over 60 new members in only a week with the best ever week in terms of traffic.
  • My cooperation with AccountAbility21 kicked off.
  • Bought a new domain with great potential:
  • Sold a domain after weeks of negotiation.
  • My new design for this blog was finished and went live.

All in all has this been a very productive week and thank you to everyone that I met or that visited my websites.
Next week I am off to Germany for three days and back in the UK on Wednesday evening. I am going to the Entrepreneur Meetup on Thursday morning and have important meetings on Tuesday and Friday. Keep the fingers crossed for another successful week next week everyone.

I will provide an update when I am back from Germany.

All the best,

Welcome to the new look of

Earlier then expected has the new WordPress theme gone live today and I hope you like it.

Now everyone will be able to see who is behind this blog from the first moment you click on the page. Scary? Well you will get used to it once you have revisited my site for a couple of times.

Thanks to Christian at GoYippi for the quick and great work.

All the best,

No time to waste after a very relaxing holiday: I am looking for writers

Yesterday Anne and I came back from our holiday. 12 days without the noise and traffic of the London area. What a pleasant experience. 🙂

We had a great time and did not really want to leave. We went to the lovely little island of Fanoe on the west cost of Denmark. Wikipedia on Fanoe

It was pure relaxation in a nice summer house with direct views of the beach. Much better then the Caribbean in my opinion and less travel hassle of course.

I even had a very fast internet connection which I only used 30 minutes every day (otherwise you could not consider it a holiday in my opinion). 😉

Anyway back to business. No time to waste.
There have been some interesting developments on CorporateResponsibility.Net in that I am now looking for people that are interested in writing blog posts, articles or news items on the topic of Corporate Responsibility. So if you are interested or you anyone that is please get in touch. More information can be found here:  Write for us

All the best,