Germany and the free and empty office

I am just now sitting on my desk in Krefeld/ Germany. I am not really here very often but my business is based here because a good friend of mine offered me this desk, IT access and the business address free of charge. He is a very kind person and I owe it to him that I was able to establish PB Consulting GmbH in the first instance. Without him I would gotten nowhere.
Anyway I got a little sidetracked there! 🙂
I am in Germany (as said) the days of this week and fly back to London tomorrow late in the evening.
Today has been a very hectic day here. First I send 4 hours with my accountant, then had a lunch appointment and then discussed future business opportunities with this friend mentioned in the first paragraph.
Everyone has left the office for the day and I just turned on some music (James Blunt – 1973) to finally sit down and write some blog posts and catch up on my emails. This is the first, one on the will follow.

Useful links of the day: – TubeMogul is a free service that provides a single point for deploying uploads to the top video sharing sites, and powerful analytics on who, what, and how videos are being viewed. –
The Sustainability Dictionary: The Dictionary of Sustainable Management is an open dictionary for business leaders and students of sustainability and business-related terms. –

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Busy, busy, busy but lovin it!

I have not been writing for over a week now because I have been extremely busy to say the least. You can decide whether this is good or bad I guess. 😉
This was my schedule in the last week and a half:
Fly back from Germany, stay one day, fly to Faro in Portugal, get a car to go to Sevilla in Spain, stay in Sevilla for 2 nights, get back to Faro and then fly back to London. And then back in London I am currently trying to drum up business for my consulting services, expand the CorporateResponsibility.Net website and network, network, network! 
Sounds like stress (which it is) but I LOVE IT!
I have some new development to talk about as well.
On the side have I now been able to use a new front page instead of a holding page. I used the WordPress Content Management System and simply copied the style and colour from the forum to create a somewhat look-alike of the vbulletin software in order to have it blend in when people visit the front page and then the forum subsequently.
Take a look if you like:
I also now have the possibility to provide a space for partners of the This has always been missing.
I also have exciting news around my CorporateResponsibility.Net website. I managed to kick-start an interview series with leader in the CSR field. This means that I will conduct interviews with a number of organisations and individuals around a specific CSR topic specific to that company. The interviews series will start in the next few weeks and hopefully be very useful to everyone interested in CSR.

This week seems to go quite good so far. I am off to have a lunch meeting with a company today and my wife and I have an interesting meeting tomorrow evening. We will see how these two meetings will go.

Until then all the best,