News review: Boards rate Sustainability, H&M’s Burmese troubles and CSR popular with employees

This is my top Sustainability / CSR news list for 25.08.2016. As usual are all articles sourced from my RSS or Twitter feeds. News Sustainability CSR 2

Why Your Firm Should Be Engaging the Board on Sustainability Challenges: Article referring to the The Conference Board’s annual CEO Challenge survey where the CEO’S ranked sustainability as one of the top five global challenges for the first time in the survey. Other surveys mentioned are also discussed.

Investors call on G20 nations to ratify paris agreement swiftly and expand low carbon & green investment: The Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) (PDF) has called on the G20 nations to get a move with ratifying the Paris agreement.

CSR and charity at work a big thing for Irish workers: An interesting article on personal development and how Irish workers in this instance are preferring to work for a company that gives to charity and are having proper CSR frameworks and actions in place. All according to a report from the global workspace provider Regus.

The 2016 Rio Olympics were a great sporting event, and an ethical mess: No direct news item but a great post by Chris MacDonald providing us with a review and of his impression of the Rio Olympics from an ethics perspective.

H&M Embarrassed After 14-Year-Olds Found Working in Burma Garment Factories: Interesting review of the latest news about H&M and working conditions in Burmese garment factories by Leon Kaye.

Disclaimer: This list does not represent any kind of endorsement of the websites or companies. It is simply a list of Sustainability / CSR news I came across and found of interest to share.

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How I use my Twitter Sustainability / CSR lists

I have been a Twitter member since 2008 now and still are a big fan of it when it comes to connecting with other like-minded people from across the globe with regards to Sustainability / CSR news and best practice.Twitter list title image

Ever since Twitter added the List feature back in 2009 I constantly update my lists. I first started out with 1 list and now have 4 rather extensive lists.

How I use the Twitter lists

I use my Twitter lists as a way to categorize the people I want to listen to. I do not want to drown in information I am not always interested in. This means that I am not following everyone that follows me but that I add the people that follow me to the 4 different lists. That way I have a better overview of what information a certain individual or organisation is providing updates on. This is what this looks like using Tweetdeck.

Twitter list Tweetdeck image

These are my 4 current Twitter lists:

  1. Sustainability Allstars: A small group of selected people I follow and do not want to miss in terms of updates. Currently this list has 38 members.
  2. Sustainability Friends: All people that are interested in Sustainability / CSR and I have come across are listed here. Currently 567 members.
  3. Sustainability Orgs/Sites: The third list is a collection of organisations and websites related to Sustainability and CSR. Currently this list has 778 members.
  4. Various Tweeps: The last list is listing a wide variety of interesting people tweeting about Sustainability and non Sustainability topics. Currently mentioning 511 members.

These are the lists I run on Twitter to stay informed but at the same use to not get drowned in the information overkill we are all facing these days!

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News review: #UglyReallyIsBeautiful, Wembo app and the sharing economy

This is my top Sustainability / CSR news list for 24.08.2016. All articles have been sourced from my RSS feed or Twitter. This list does not represent any kind of endorsement of the websites or companies. It is simply a list of Sustainability / CSR news I came across and found of interest to share.Sustainability CSR News

Target: It is time to get ugly: Article about the recent #UglyReallyIsBeautiful campaign in the US to now make sure that consumer giant Target will agree to sell slightly deformed produce in their stores. So far this campaign had success with Whole Foods Market and Walmart now starting to have more deformed produce sold in their stores in the US.

Can students change the face of business?: 8 students over the course of a few weeks assisted by DNV GL created a two-part digital platform called Wembo designed to enable businesses and consumers to do their part in reaching the Global Goals through transparency, collaboration and sharing.

Milk-based film could be the next generation of sustainable food packaging: Researchers at the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) have found a better alternative to single-use plastic films in foods. This could be a great product to minimize the plastic waste in more every day products. This example also shows that food companies are not doing enough to make sure there is more research is waste minimization alternatives but just stick to business as usual.

Why the Energy sector needs a sharing economy: Excellent article on the “need of a collaborative business model with a shared services organisation that is customer-focused and solutions-oriented and that receives active support from commercial customers seeking integrated solutions and willing to provide needed data for the Energy sector. The author concludes that this would be a win-win for companies and consumers if we want it. I guess whether it is wanted is the biggest question. But in my view this is the only future business model for the energy sector having working in the sector myself. This article is my top pick of this news review.

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The Fortune Change the World list – my view

I am back from holiday and had a closer look at the Fortune 2016 Change the World List I did a quick blog post about last week.

Well I intended to take a closer look to be honest. But once I spend a minute on the website and looked for more details I quickly realized that are none. Very irritating I have to say.

Where is the real content of this list? Yes there is this methodology. But not much really. Click the image to see it in detail.

Forbes Change the world list method

Too me this is very strange. Why publish a fancy list with all sorts of social media engagement with not much to offer?

I do not want to sound overly negative but I expected a bit more depth to be frank. And I am just looking for meaningful content that I can use to write about. But this is not it!

If you have a better idea about this list please let me know. All feedback appreciated.

News review: Sustainability leadership, supply chain trends and Sustainability risk

Tuesday, 23.08.2016 Sustainability / CSR news review.

All articles have been sourced from my RSS feed or Twitter. This list does not represent any kind of endorsement of the websites or companies. It is simply a list of Sustainability / CSR news I came across and found of interest to share.Sustainability CSR News

  1. Food Supply Chain Ethics Increasingly Important to UK Consumers, Studies Find: Good article based on 2 recent surveys including research from Globescan that UK consumers are increasingly demanding more ethics in food sustainability supply chains
  2. Sustainability leadership amid fear and pressure: Part 1 of a 3 part series about the challenges for a Sustainability professional working amid fear and pressure.
  3. 5 Reasons Executives Fail to Engage Students: Not directly Sustainability but also useful reading about some possible reasons why executives fail to engage students. I am adding this here in the list this problem might also be an issue with sustainability focused executives and their challenges to communicate sustainability properly.
  4. 6 trends in supply chain sustainability: Article on the EY report, The state of sustainable supply chains: Building responsible and resilient supply chains published not so long ago.
  5. To Price Sustainability Risk, You Need an Industry View: And interesting financial perspective on the topic of Sustainability disclosure and how much is needed.

More Sustainability / CSR news tomorrow. If you have any news you would like to have considered for the daily Sustainability / CSR news review feel free to get in touch via my contact form.

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